DIY Marquee Letters ~ JOY

I love fairy lights, I’ll find any excuse to use them as decoration around the home and have been wanting an excuse to put more up!

I saw these a while ago, but they were all done with those 3D cardboard letters you get from craft shops, having bought out the stock of Hobby Craft over the past few weeks I dared not go back and decided to totally DIY them!

I decided to use the word JOY for my word, and printed out the necessary letters, in a huge font size.

{don’t go for a thin or squiggly font, these would be trickier to work with}

DIY letter template

Once you have the letters printed, cut them out and trace around each letter, twice, on to empty cereal boxes.

{You will need to open up the cereal boxes and draw around the template on to the inside of the box, the dull coloured rather than the colourful outer packaging}

cereal packets in to letters

Using one set of letters and sticky tape, secure the lights to each letter.

{don’t worry if it looks a mess! Start adhering the lights on the last letter first and work your way backwards}

lights on card

Place the remaining set of letters directly on top of the first, carefully use each bulb to make a slight indentation in the card letter which will be placed on top, once you have done this for each bulb, use a pencil or anything pokey to poke through where each indentation is.

Poke each bulb through its corresponding hole, there is wiggle room so don’t worry if the bulbs and holes don’t line up exactly.

Now you have a pretty good idea of how the finished craft will look, you could even leave it undecorated if you like the look!

DIY letters with lights

I used festive washi tape to decorate the letters.

Carefully separate each letter from the bulbs.

Use strips of washi tape to decorate each letter.

{you could paint or decoupage if you prefer}

Once the letters are decorated, carefully pierce the washi tape where necessary to ensure the bulbs can poke through.

Push each bulb through far enough so that the cardboard letters sit on the bulb casing.

Once finished, it’s ready to display.

DIY marquee lights joy sign

DIY marquee 3d letters joy sign




  1. These are truly magnificent, Amanda. My daughter wants fairy lights in her bedroom and these would be perfect. I could attach lights to her name *squeal*. You're brilliant!

    Hope you are well. I haven't been commenting much/at all but I always enjoy reading your crafty posts and reading about your cheeky boys (the one about them kissing the girlies made me guffaw). xx


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