How To ~ Get More From Your Instagram Feed

Anyone else noticed a bit of a spike in the number of followers they have on Instagram?

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty difficult to keep up to date with my Instagram feed, much like Twitter, RSS feeds and emails, if you take a break you miss out on A LOT.

When I get the chance, between real life necessities, I do enjoy scrolling through the rather gorgeous photos of homes, crafts, coffee and other random things; it’s replaced Pinterest for me in many ways!

Recently I stumbled upon  little gem called Statigram which has since been taken over by iconosquare

Get more from your instagram

It’s like Instagram, just on a bigger scale with a few more bells and whistles.

my feed on instragram

One of my favourite of those bells and whistles is the tab that allows you to see photos you have liked, not sure about you but so many times I have liked a photo, wanted to go back to it and been unable to find it!

Now they are all just ‘there’.

my likes on instagram

Iconosquare also provides a heap of ‘stats’ on how  you've performed on Instagram. It can be broken down in to various periods of time, again something useful for those who take their Instagramming seriously.

instagram month

It’s all actually pretty interesting, and can help filter out those accounts you can’t remember why you ever followed!

my instagram since i started

The information on tags was pretty interesting. I must admit to just not bothering with them much, nor do I take them seriously, {pleasedontpooponlaundry  &  featheredmamatryingtokillme}.

I’ve found a lot of people over stuff their photos with tags which are either not at all relevant or so loosely relevant they are grasping at floppy, limp straws.

best time to post on instagram

my instagram tag impact

You can also do the usual Instagram stuff too; view your ‘feed’ like photos, comment on posts and search via tags or users.

So, that’s iconosquare, I shall be using this on my laptop instead of the regular Instagram app, it’s so nice to see everything BIGGER!

If you want a ‘bit’ more from Instagram check it out. You don’t need to set up a new account, just log in with your Instagram and BOOM you’re good to go. Private accounts remain so, only those you’ve allowed to view your pics can do so.

{This is just something I love, that I thought I’d share, no ‘loves’, cash or coffee were exchanged for this}


  1. What a lovely post! I've always wanted to look into Statigram but keep forgetting! Instagram is my favorite social media, the only one I get will definitely be looking into this. Thanks :) x


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