Hiding in Plain Sight

There are few things sadder than a Christmas tree all decked out in fabulous festive glory with nothing underneath.

A tree with no parcels underneath is a clear sign that the festivities are almost over; it’s time to pack away the baubles, turn off the fairy lights and sweep away the glitter.

For several years now I have hidden the Christmas presents in plain sight, right under the Christmas tree.

christmas tree with gifts

And the kids never open them, they might poke one or sit there looking all forlorn at the mountain of gifts, but so far they have heeded my warnings and left them alone until Christmas Day.

The gifts are wrapped, tagged and placed under the tree.

cookies 012

The boys are warned that any which are opened before Christmas Day will be returned to Santa for him to pass on to another boy or girl who can do as they are told.

There is also a practical reason as to why I hide the presents in plain sight, I have a ridiculous short term memory. I remember things from months or even years ago, but recent things, no way!

It wasn’t unusual for me to find a gift or 3 in a random hiding spot in mid August.

pink banner

How does anyone manage to hide presents from inquisitive children whilst not forgetting where they have hid them?!

{This post is my entry in to the Tots100 ~ Tesco Blog to WIN: Hudl Christmas Cheer Competition}


  1. I take that tactic with my husband - it works a treat although I'm amazed he's still not noticed the metre of Jaffa cakes in the back of the wardrobe!

  2. Ours would be unwrapped in seconds!

  3. I've always done that too Amanda, I think that if they know the drill from a young age, they won't touch. I love the 'threat of returning to F. C' you add for good measure though lol!

  4. I can't do this, Luca wouldn't open them but the house rabbits would have them destroyed in a matter of minutes! All ours are hidden in random places around our tiny flat!


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