Savouring the Season ~ The Christmas Play

Last week my little darlings stared in their first ever Christmas Play, Oopsy Daisy Angel.

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I remember from my own childhood just how nervous I would get, peeking from behind the curtains to see the assembly hall jam packed with parents, grandparents and older siblings.

There was the ‘pressure’ to remember my lines, where my feet were meant to go and the silent prayer that my angle wings and tinsel wouldn’t fall.

But most of all I remember the excitement and pride of being part of a group effort to make something wonderful, even if there were missed steps, forgotten words, random tears and scenery falling down.

So when my boys practised their lines, sung the songs and danced the dances in preparation for their first ever public performance, I was filled with so much pride.

Ethan was the perfect Dancing Snowflake.

Ahren was the coolest narrator in a Hawaiian shirt and Goonies t-shirt.

I’ll admit, I got a little emotional, having come close to losing them both, it was an amazing and heart warming moment to see how far they have come.

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I was also so pleased that even though it wasn’t a traditional Christmas Nativity, the meaning behind Christmas wasn’t lost, I hadn’t realised up until Mary and Joseph sat down my the manger with baby Jesus, just how much I needed to see that.

We’re making a nice dent in our Christmas Bucket list, still lots more to do, which we’re all looking forward to.

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  1. Oh, how lovely. Yes, I well remember mine, too, and they were great to do. I'm sure I'll cry when my kids are old enough to perform in theirs!

  2. Lovely post. Those christmas plays are amazing aren't they!

  3. Im yet to see my boys Christmas plays for this year... There usually Joseph, which is fairly boring for a child to play. But this year there have shepherd!!! and there have been beaming with pride when practicing their Lines... eeekkk I cant wait :)

  4. How lovely, and impossible not to shed a tear or two. Make the most of them while you still can, they grow up too fast & I really miss my twins now that they've left home & gone to university.
    Enjoy that bucket list - all fantastic suggestions x

  5. My son's Christmas performance is next week - it's Mary Poppins! It's not a church school though so I can understand them doing something a little different (although I'm hoping they will make it a little festive)

  6. Gorgeous post. That first nativity is so special :) My boy did the same play as yours last year! x

  7. Aaah... Sounds like a memory to be cherished forever! Precious times! Thanks for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason


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