Semi DIY 3D Paper Stars

I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys things on a whim, gets the stuff home and then thinks “huh, why did I pick this up?”

That exactly what happened with these paper stars, I bought them, got them home and decided I didn’t like them, yet I wasn’t going to just throw them away.

After umming and ahhing for a while I decided to make them into wall decorations.

If you happen to have these stars, this is how to turn them from hanging stars to wall decorations.

paper staers

Keeping the stars folded and flat, cut each one through the middle.

cutting stars in half

Each one will fall in to two pieces.

cut stars

Use sticky tape to stick the short edge of one side to the other.

Repeat until all 4 star halves have been made into stars.

taping stars together

stars taped together

Flip them over and push little blobs of blu tac in to each point of the stars.

adding blue tac

Place each star against the wall or surface you want the stars to adhere to, push each star point to the wall until secured.

stars on the wall

And there you have it!

Simple and cheap wall decorations!

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