Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

In most things I take a pretty laid back attitude.

Life can and is, stressful enough without adding any extra drama.

So, whenever possible I’ll take the route of less resistance, if I want drama I can certainly find it, but I don’t need to make everything a challenge.

This has also been my approach to taking photos.

I’m a die hard snap and go kinda gal.

I know nothing about the ‘rules’ of photography, and apparently there are plenty.

Since taking part in Silent Sunday, I guess I’ve started to take more notice in what I was snapping, even if I was using the camera on my Samsung tablet!

Some of them I’ve been really bloody proud of.

some of my favs

Hubs noticed this and after a chat he got me a camera.

my new baby

A proper camera!

My first ever proper camera with a lens doo dah that goes out and has fancy settings like ISO, aperture and other stuff I’ve already forgotten!

It looks pretty nifty, not a full blown whoop whoop camera, I’m much to scared to step entirely away from auto {it’s my camera security blanket}, they call it a bridge ~ a step up from click and go and a step down from full blown DSLR  in your face scariness.

So, as I step out of one of my comfort zones, it’s a small insignificant one, but one all the same, please be patient if I bombard you with photos, cause this photo malarkey is kinda addictive once you get going.

On that note, I should probably recommend you don’t walk down the seafront telling hubby to ‘work it baby’ whilst snapping away at everything then yelling ‘that’s the money shot!’, you will get some rather weird looks!

I’ve only had my new baby a few days, and whoa!

It’s a whole new ball game, got to admit at the moment, auto, point and click are looking very appealing! I obviously have a lot to learn, but I’m actually rather excited to have a new ‘project’ to get stuck in to.

Hopefully my photos will improve once I get some understanding of all the settings, but my first attempts aren’t too shabby.

eek shots


  1. Lucky Girl! The pictures sure show your talent! Beautiful.. each of them!

  2. Fantastic photo's, would love a proper camera, maybe Santa might bring me one!

  3. I had a camera last Christmas, but still use my phone more. It scares me! Lol x


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