Surviving Christmas Morning

Over the years I’ve learnt a thing or two about Christmas Day morning.

Mostly, that no matter how much planning goes in to the day, it will never go to plan!


It is the one morning of the year when you could really do with things going to plan, but know deep down, if it can go wrong, it probably will, with epic results, and extra crazy thrown in just because.

With this in mind I have put aside a few bits and pieces to  make Christmas Day morning go a smoothly as possible; we’ll leave the arguments for the afternoon when we’re trying to decide who gets the last chocolate and choice in films.


Paracetamol ~ For those who wake up with a little ‘post wrapping gifts’ headache

Decent coffee ~ For those of us with kids who think  4.47am is an okay time to check if Santa has been

Puffy pastry ~ To make cinnamon whirls, ‘nuf said

Batteries ~ For the toys you’ve spent a horrifying amount of money on yet never include batteries

Screwdriver ~ To open up the toys that need batteries or in some cases just to get the damn toys out their packaging!

Scissors ~ To snip away those pesky numerous labels

Camera ~ To capture those few precious moments when your child actually likes the present they’ve been begging and pleading for, before ignoring it for the next 7 months

Notepad & pen ~ To make note of who gifted what, so ‘thank you’ notes go the right people, might be embarrassing to thank great aunt Maude for the Ann Summers goodie bag!


I’m sure there’s more, but at the moment I’m trying to summon the courage / stupidity to go to the shops on the last Sunday before Christmas with 2 kids!

What are your tips to make Christmas morning go as smoothly as possible?


  1. I think you've just about covered every eventuality!!! Remember early Christmas mornings with my twin daughters all too well. The only dilemma for this year will be are they getting up before lunch?!

  2. Ooo must remember to get a screwdriver handy - there's bound to be something that needs batteries in the little pile from family under our tree! My top tip is to prepare all the veggies on Christmas Eve and lay out the girls' clothes for the morning to make everything go a bit more smoothly so that there's half a chance of getting to church on time!


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