The Week That Was…

……festive, fluey and fun!

What a week! Getting over flu and conjunctivitis, so much fun!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

I was still getting over flu, so these were nothing kinda days. You know that feeling when you’re just so run down even the simplest of things seem impossible, well that was me. I did manage to get the boys to school and catch up on some house work but the energy to do much more than feel rather sorry for myself was lacking.

2 to 4 dec


If I could slap a day round the face with a wet fish, today would have gotten a slap.

Woken up at 5.30 by the kids, which was ‘nice’.

Then, even with all that time forgot the boy welly boots and had to return home to get them meaning we had to rush to the station to get the train.

Only to arrive at the station to discover our train was being delayed by 20 odd minutes.

So, we’re sat at the station in freezing cold wind, whilst our train is delayed, then cancelled then they decide to cancel our stop! All in all, we sat in the cold for almost an hour, yay!

Eventually got the kids to school, late again because of the trains.

Already in  grump over the awful morning I had I was close to flipping out like a crazy lady when my train home was cancelled.

Wanting to do something to cheer myself up I applied to work as a volunteer.

5 dec

Oh and yay to hubster, I got my Christmas present early, a new camera, whoop whoop!


Today the boys performed in their first ever school play!

OMG! Emotional mama alert!

They were awesome, all the kids did fantastically well, so so proud.

I got to use my new camera, but as per the schools wishes I can’t share any photos on social media, but I can assure you, cute cute cute!

6 dec

Anyhoo, what wasn’t cute was the 10 miles minimum walking we did that day, I did however get some Christmas bits and had a chance to take more snaps!

6a dec


I woke up early to go and watch the sunrise, a lovely way to start any day if you can!

After topping up my coffee intake it was time to get ready for the invasion of the Outlaws.

They arrived with gifts of Lego, chocolate and Play Doh for the boys, pretty such they go home laughing their arses off at the hyper state they leave the kids in knowing the havoc my two can cause with Play Doh.

Once they left we took the boys down to the beach in an effort to let them fun off some energy, glad to say it worked and they fell asleep with little fussing.

7 dec

It’s been a total up and down week, and really I don’t know if I’m coming or going, hopefully things will improve on the health front soon.

On a happy note, 2 weeks until the boys break up for school, yay!

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  1. Another crazy busy week for you! Your Christmas present looks wonderful - I'm very jealous! It's a shame about not being able to share the photos of the school play - they would have been very cute I'm sure :) You're making me feel guilty that I haven't sorted out anything remotely Christmassy (except for bunting) for our house yet!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx


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