The Week That Was…

…festive, foodie and fabulous!


Had my mummy, little sis and favourite niece come for a visit, yay!

They brought with them their own special brand of crazy, gossip and gifts.

23 dec

Mama and me talked about jewellery.

Maddy entertained the stinky boys with her awesomeness.

And my little sis and I had a healthy bitching session, hurrah!


Christmas Eve, baby!

24 dec

A totally relaxed day, the kiddos were still under the weather so we spent our day perfecting our ‘Lazy’ skills, think we did pretty well.


It’s CHRISTMAS, whoop whoop

The bestest day of the year.

25 dec

It was awesome, one of those days where I realise just how lucky I am.

The boys Skypd nannie and doopa, it was hilarious, I suspect this will become a Christmas morning tradition.

christmas mash up

Sadly the boys were feeling awful so we missed out on our walking along the beach to see the band playing their annual concert, hopefully we can go next year.


Ahh, Boxing Day.

Otherwise known as ‘Bubble & Squeak’ Day, we totally made extra for Christmas dinner just so we could have bubble & squeak!

26 dec

We all needed some fresh air so took a walk on the beach, I’ve ‘given’ the boys my old camera, they love it and took some interesting snaps!

dec 26

The snotty boys are still poorly, 3rd day in a row they fell asleep by 5pm!


Hubs was back at work, hahaha.

Really shouldn’t laugh, the poor bugger had a 3.5 hour journey to work due to rail ‘improvements’ and flooding.

The boys and I had an extremely tiring day making Lego kits and eating Danish cookies, it’s a tough life I tell you!

27 dec

The little ones were still feeling poorly, really hate seeing them so unwell.


Urgh, woke up at noon!

Noon I tell you, with a stonking headache and just feeling icky.

We took a stroll along the beach which was all very lovely, until the heavens opened and we got got rained on. More soaked than you would if you had a shower in a shower cubicle!

28 dec

I may have forgotten where I was and started to strip out my sodden clothes whilst standing in the hallway….with the front door open, oops!


What a week!

Despite the boys being ill and sleeping away most of the week, we still had an amazingly wonderful Christmas.

Once again linking up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push 

christmas morning dazed and confused



  1. Looks like a fab time apart from the poorly boys. Hope they are all feeling better soon x

  2. What a fab week, apart from illness. I hope the boys and you are feeling better now

  3. Looks like you and a wonderful week! Hope the boys are feeling better xx

  4. Oh wow! What a wonderful week :) Your Christmas tree was teeming with presents underneath!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xxx

  5. Love reading your blog and this one is just lovely. Very best wishes to the 4 of you for 2014 I truly hope it ends with you saying " 2014 has been the best year ever!" XX

  6. Looks like you made the absolute best of a sickly week. Your boys are just too cute x


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