Writing to Santa ~ DIY Felt Envelopes

My little ones have been clear on what they want from Santa for a while now, so with under two weeks to go I thought it was time they write their letters to Santa.

Wanting to make it a little special I decided to make them some rather nice envelopes to ‘send’ to the big guy.

DIY felt santa envelopes

These were so simple to make and very kiddie friendly too!

For each envelope you need 1 sheet of felt, I cut mine to about 17cm wide, and folded it into 3rds, leaving the top 3rd ‘open’.

DIY felt envelope

To make the flap of the envelope, you will need to cut the ‘open’ 3rd in to a triangle.

DIY felt envelope taking shape

Flip it over, this will be the front of the envelope.

Even letters to Santa need a stamp, using a small rectangle of felt and any kind of embellishment you like, you can make a stamp!

DIY felt stamp

Pop the stamp on to the top right corner of the front of the envelope.

DIY felt envelope with felt stamp

I used left over scraps from last years Christmas Stocking Bunting to make the images on the front of each envelope, use what ever you fancy to make it special for your little ones.

DIY felt envelope with penguin

Next you need to address the envelope to Santa, I used letters I cut out of felt using my Big Shot Die Cutting machine, use which ever method you prefer; embroidery, stencils, handwritten or whatever!

DIY felt envelope addressed to santa

I used 2 methods to secure the envelopes, sewing and glue, both are just as effective.

DIY felt envelope sewn up

DIY felt envelope glued closed

Now we have to rather lovely envelopes to post their Christmas wish letters to Santa/

This weekend we’ll finish off their letters to Santa and get them ‘sent’ off, although I’m not sure if they’re on the naughty or nice list!

 diy christmas decorations




  1. Wow, they are beautiful envelops. Puts my sewing to shame. I've been trying to do patch in an attempt to save money but have had to sew them on about 3 times already!


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