Blog Stats ~ Why They Mean Nothing To Me!

It’s that time of the month again, when bloggers either share their glee, misery or disinterest in the monthly scores from Tots100.

Despite reassurances that ‘stats don’t matter’ there are always bloggers disheartened by a drop in position or only a small increase.

I’m too flaky in my posting to really ever expect to be ‘up there’, I have no consistency, no niche and such a lack of SEO knowhow I’m surprised my blog shows up anywhere, but…..I have watched with perverse interest as my score has gotten worse and worse.


tots 100 chart history

After chatting on Twitter with some other bloggers I decided to look at some the networks used to collate info on which the scores are based, it was as interesting as it was confusing.

I looked at Kred and Klout, and to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed, I’m neither a dog walker nor a driver, yet my ‘influence’ in those topics is higher than that of all my expert parenting advice!?!

It was suggested that I ‘give a Kred or Klout’ to a chap, {hi Will}, on Twitter for parenting, but he’s not a parent! He never tweets about parenting, how on earth did they come up with that suggestion!?

So, I pretty much dismissed those and moved swiftly on.

Another site referenced for collating info was OSE {Open Site Explorer}, a site which gives you details on all your inbound marketing data; basically it tells you how many sites are linking to your blog.

This is where I got a vague, eyes glazed over look…

It seems my spiffy little blog is a and a .com, which is baffling!

Comparing the two give surprisingly different results…

difference between both blogs

Straight away I could see the .com had ‘better’ results than the!

Scrolling down the comparisons between the two sites {which are same bloomin’ thing!} showed huge differences between the two. I’m not even going to pretend to understand what it all means, cause well, I just don’t get it!

page specific metrics

subdomain metrics

root domain metrics

Having taken a look at just a few of the systems used to ascertain my score and ranking, and seen for myself just how nonsensical the info they have on my blog is, I can now safely say I do not give two hoots about my blog stats or my Tots100 score.

For those that do, I really hope you keep going in the direction you want, I however will be trying to figure out why I seem to have two blogs whilst munching on this packet of Party Rings that somehow jumped into the shopping basket!


  1. Nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't understand any of the above! I'm guessing that somebody does though and maybe they'd like to blog about it for all of those who don't!

  2. Wow - all that stuff sort of made my head spin... lol x I don't get the Tots100 scores at all, I've never shown a big interest because my blog just doesn't feature up there... maybe I would if it actually somehow got within the top few hundred but *coughs* I can't actually be bothered to find out how to do that... lol x And frankly, I'm too busy writing actual blog posts and having fun with it to be arsed how some website rates me... My visits goes up every month and I take pleasure from the fact it's growing in popularity even if Tots100 scores don't reflect it! ;) xx

  3. This was really good info! As a new blogger it did look a bit competitive. I've decided to write what I want and if only my sister reads it it doesn't matter! xxx

  4. Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Stats don't mean squat to me either, I don't understand them and most of the time I don't even bother looking. I blog, share my ideas and that's about it, people either read or they don't. Hey, I'm your newest follower via GFC, Linky, G+ and bloglovin'. Have a great week and weekend!
    Audrey @ Neverending Decorating

  5. Haha love this post! It's all very silly - I have a stupid competitive personality (I get competitive about everything - I kid you not) so I do get caught up in this every month, but really it doesn't matter! I started my blog because I love writing and the opportunities (and new career) that have come out of it are amazing - and I'm not even in the top 100! The ratings should be about page views; Klout and Kred shouldn't come into at all... and I have no idea what the root domain metrics are, but yes... Amanda you are a fantastic Blogger and I love reading your blog, so *she bursts into song* don't go chaaaanging... xxx

  6. Fabulous. Well done that lady! I am always completely understanding of the scores when I'm happy and find them nonsensical when I've gone down! I love your blog and that is all that matters....well, and the fact that you do too!

  7. Tots 100 score are puzzling, but maybe they think we understood the scores better we'd play them at their own game. Who knows. Just do what you do and love it.

  8. I think Carin's nailed it - just like everything if you understand the metric you can manipulate it! I watch my scores group and down with polite curiousity but as I'm not dependant on them for income I'm more interested in building more interaction with the people who do read my blog, and remembering that it's just a blog, and real life comes first!


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