Extended School Days?! No Thank You!

For some daft reason Paul Kirby, ex government adviser, believes school days should be 8:30am until 6pm and for 45 weeks  per school year.

That would mean my kiddos, and yours, being in school for 9 and half hours, with an hour travel {at least} each way on top, my children will spend 11 and half hours ‘in’ school, no Mr Kirby.

Just no.

When hubs and I decided to embark on the scary yet exciting journey of parenthood, neither Grove nor Kirby were privy to our decision process, nor where they active in our attempts at getting pregnant, they were noticeably absent when my swollen feet needed a rub as I lugged around 2 baby humans at the same time.

Whilst I was high as kite on gas, then panicking over an emergency caesarean, they never once came to hold my hand.

Night feeds, nappy changes, stints in PICU, my ongoing PND, sleepless nights and oh so much more were all handled by myself and hubs, pretty bloody well, without the horrid duo doing any of the dirty work.

So no Mr Kirby and Mr Grove, you do not get to waltz in now, making these stupid decisions, which will effect me and my children in a negative way {do they even have school age children who will be impacted by such stupid decisions?}.

I had children because I want to be a parent, not so that others could spend more time with them than their father and I.

Besides, why on earth would I expect my children to put in more hours at school than some employees do at work!?

I want my children to be children, not tiny bots formed, moulded and brain washed into the a generation who never got to enjoy the joys of being a child.

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  1. Very well said! As parents we want to spend time with our children and as children they need to have time to relax, play and do what they choose to do!

  2. So well said, and I'm with you 100% It's a shocking and appalling suggestion.

  3. I completely agree. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! My family make many sacrifices so that I can work part time to spend a few precious extra hours with my children. They are children and play and enjoyment is just as important as learning xx

  4. If you could see me standing to applaud you, you would. Am so on board with this argument. More and more the government wants to take over our children and leave us as nothing but guardians. They want our children to do the same hours (even more) as working adults? They are CHILDREN not the nation's commodities.
    'It will give them time to do extra-curricular activities'. My daughter does extra-curricular activities but still only stays until 5. What about homework, Scouts, Brownies? Relaxing? Homework? Time with mum and dad?
    I can't see this even getting off the starting line, not once the N.U.T. get hold of it.

  5. I honestly don't think that this will EVER make it past the powers that be. I would never want my children to be more influenced by teachers and school than us, their parents. Just ridiculous! PS Your boys are the cutest!

  6. Very well said! I completely agree - I, strange as it may sound to Kirby and Gove, actually want to spend time with my children! If you fancy it, you could link this post up to my Prompt linky... This weeks prompt was a headline about Kirby's blog post :)

  7. Like you, I actually want to see my children occasionally :) Thank you for linking to #ThePrompt

  8. I agree too - they appear to have no idea of where the average family stands on this issue - I wonder what the women in government think of the proposals, particularly if they are mothers... #The Prompt

  9. It's like Big Brother is no longer watching you, he's trying to take over!


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