Home Decorating ~ Deciding Where To Start

We decided last year that 2014 will be the year we revamp our home, the kids will {hopefully} be out the doodling on walls stage, I’ve not found any other windows I want to replace with doors and hubs has his ‘man cave’, so other than cosmetic decorating, there are no big jobs to complete.

house to home

The only thing we needed to think about was where to start, and obviously what to do.

This was where things got exciting or possibly very stressful, I would spend afternoons perusing Pinterest, home decorating magazines and websites. Each one dedicated to all things wallpaper, paint and shelving, finding inspiration, colour schemes and other things that cause hubs to roll his eyes mutter “Yes dear” before retreating back to his work.

I then got in a bit of a tiz, because how exactly does one go about deciding on how to decorate a home, in a style which is practical, functional, reflects the personalities of the people that live there, doesn’t break the bank nor cause divorce or a mama to scream and scream and scream?

Seriously, how do you do it?!

I shall find out Saturday I guess, the roof above the bathroom is leaking, yay for stormy weather, so the decision on which room to start has kinda been taken out our hands.

Bathroom it is, we’ll find out the extent of the damage and take it from there.

This whole ‘project’ will either go really well or horrendously bad!

I’m as nervous as I am excited, there are a few bits in the bathroom I want to keep,

bathroom before house to home makeover beachy finds shells

bathroom before house to home makeover drift wood art

but other than that who knows what will happen!

bathroom before house to home makeover

Watch this space for updates!


  1. I also plan on "fixing" my house this year. For me it goes beyond redecorating, some areas need serious work. But the first thing I plan to do is to rip out the carpet in my living room even if I have to do it with my bare hands.


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