How Does Your Garden Grow?

Living so close to the beach, literately a stones throw away, it has become an extension of our garden.

Which is just as well as I do not possess green thumbs and much prefer to let nature go all out in glorious splendour with plants in many shades and hues.

After the recent crazy weather and freakishly high tides the beaches are full of some amazing colour from both plants and animals which thrive in and around the coastal region.

tan seaweed

driftwood sticks



moss covered


holding on


 dark seaweed

brown and red seaweed

stoned in gryone

tangled nets


seaweed and slime

It’s always rather stunning to see just how things growing and living on the coast change over the seasons, especially the more permanent structures which become little worlds of wonder for plants and animals to thrive on.

fog under the pier

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Now I love the beach and seeing these photos makes me want to head to my local one right now, camera in hand. That last photo is all brooding and many shades of awesome. The nets and ropes and seawood look like seaside bunting festooned on bars!
    Do you pop the seaweed bubbles?

    Thanks for joining in and making me feel all coastal and sea-sidey!

  2. Beautiful photos, love them!
    We also made the move from a city to coastal life, and we love it! A walk on the beach is great for the soul :)

  3. So beautiful. You make the average look totally magical x

  4. how lucky are you? i love winter beach pics. i could almost smell the winter ocean.... lovely

  5. Oh, wow! Beautiful. I love the beach in the winter, and these photos make me want to go there now :) #HDYGG

  6. My favourite photo is the last one, it's so misty and mysterious looking! #HDYGG

  7. Oh my goodness. You have an amazing eye! Love all the color but driftwood is my absolute favorite <3

  8. Fabulous photos - they're beautiful all of them. I always think when I see your photos that it must be great to be by the beach. I can imagine I'd do the same as you if I was there, walk along the beach looking for interesting things to photograph. Just wonderful :)

  9. Oh I love wintry beach shots - amazing what plants you find on there (in amongst the rubbish, sadly).

  10. Fantastic pictures and that last one is oh so spooky. I wish we lived closer to the coast to go exploring as I studied Marine Biology as part of my Degree and I love learning about the different types of shoreline. I hope to take my son one day with id book in hand and see what the types of seaweed are. Sam x

  11. these pictures are amazing! I am so envious you live so close to the beach....we are miles away from the hours! xxx

  12. My fav is the shot under the pier! Gorgeous. Nothing like a good winters walk on a blustery beach! What is that big round metal like thing? Is it treasure?!

  13. I've never thought of the beach as a garden, but I think you're right! Such great things left by the tide. Love your photos a lot.

  14. wow! those pictures are amazing! I've never seen anything like that in real life... (we're landlocked)

  15. now i was not expecting that ... Just gorgeous love the last shot in particular #How does your garden grow

  16. how lovely to be so close to the sea! lovely photos, love the ones of the seaweed especially x

  17. Wow, brilliant photos #Howdoesyourgardengrow


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