It’s Okay to Shout ~ 14 Situations When It’s Okay* to Shout at Your Children

*{maybe strictly speaking it’s not okay, but sometimes it can’t be helped}

As parents I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments when our children do that one thing you really really don’t want them to do.

The one thing that will set our teeth on edge, our blood pressure rocketing and cause our heart beat to stutter.

Despite every reminder, request, plea and scold; young children {please tell me it’s not just mine} aren’t too quick on picking up on the whole ‘fear factor’ element of life.

It’s times like this when I can’t help but use my ‘voice’, the ‘you’ve really made mummy angry and I don’t care how cute you are, you are in trouble’ voice.

I don’t do it all the time, we’re pretty mellow and laid back, besides they’ll soon grow to ignore me if I throw it out there every time they misbehaved, which lets face it, is every day with my kids!

There are a few, okay fine more than a few, situations that cause me to partially lose my shit and start shouting, mostly because I’m scared, and it’s just my immediate response.

Because shouting when scared makes sense!

Here’s my top 14 situations when it’s okay to shout at my kids

When your child runs out in to the road

When they yank on the dog / cats tail

Hit their young brother with his new umbrella

When they try to climb a Christmas tree

Pull their trousers down whilst walking along the pavement

When they eat the last of your cinnamon toast, and there’s no more cinnamon…or toast

Try drinking a hot mug of coffee

Grab your hair and pull, and pull then YANK

When they cover themselves in Hammerite paint

When they try shoving soggy toast in the PS3 or Wii

Announce their plans to jump from the top of the stairs down to the bottom

Attempt to release your boob to the public, whilst sat on a very busy train

When they ‘helpfully’ wash the bath with your Molton Brown bubble bath {at least the bathroom smelt nice}

Try sliding down the escalator on their bum…

Several of these things happened today, maybe it’s post Christmas blues, the windy weather or perhaps just my kids being themselves.

But something different happened today too, Ahren tattled on me!

Ahren “I’m going to tell daddy you shouted”

Me “Fine! I’m telling daddy you were naughty”

Ahren “You shouldn’t shout, you could hurt my ears”

Me “You shouldn’t be so naughty, you could hurt my feelings”

At which point I decided to do the responsible thing and stomped up the stairs to my room, not 5 minutes later hubs walks through the front door.

Ahren “Daddy, mummy shouted at me today”

Hubs “What did you do to make mummy shout at you”

At this point I’m flying down the stairs to defend my shouting and glaring at Ahren whilst he tries, and succeeds to look all cute and innocent!

Me “He ran in the road, whacked Ethan with the umbrella and FELL OFF THE BEACH”

Hubs then declares he’s going back to work!

I really feel like I’m getting a handle on this parenting malarkey, another 18 years or so and I’ll know what I’m doing!


  1. Love this. And all sensible reasons to shout.

  2. LOL!

    Alas, mine are steps, and so I'm really not allowed to ever shout at them. However, they are also 19, so it doesn't come up very often :)


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