I was filling out an online form the other day which asked questions about my blog, about 80% in I was asked ‘What category does your blog fall in to?’

Huh, umm, next question please!

I was stumped.

I’m neither one type or the other, I gone against the grain of typecasting myself in any single category or niche.

random or niche blogging

I write about many things, but probably not enough on any one topic to really be considered ‘that’ type of blog.

Whilst I’m happy enough pootling along not applying labels to myself or my blog, it’s frustrating that I can’t fill out a simple form and thus ‘miss out’ on something.

I cover everything from crafting, mental health, pregnancy & parenting, baking, blog tutorials to random life happenings posts.

I’m passionate about everything I cover, I wouldn’t bother writing it if I wasn’t, but nothing screams at me as the main focus of my blog.

Am I ‘nicheless’ or do I cover too much?

So, my question to you is, within what ‘niche’, if any, do you consider your blog, and how did you come to this conclusion?


  1. I tend to think its "lifestyle" and "family"... In other words, just a picture postcard of real life. Life can't be categorised, it doesn't fit neatly into a niche. Your blog is real and honest because of that. And that's good!

  2. I probably fall into the category of a parenting/family blog....I do blog about other things though....It's not good to be labelled though...hehehe x

  3. I agree with Claire - I'd say you were lifestyle :) xx

  4. Funny you should say that, I've not been blogging for that long and started as a boys fashion blogger but as I grow as a blogger my blog grows too and I realise I want to talk about everything I love and feel passionate about. I would agree with the other ladies if you have to label I would choose lifestyle. x


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