Photo Focus ~ A 12 Month Photo Project

Since I was a little girl and we went on a holiday to the seaside I’ve been a little obsessed by lighthouses and piers.

I just can’t get my fuzzy haired head around the fact that the vast majority of these magnificent structures were built, often in adverse weather conditions, without the benefit of modern day technology and remain standing today.

It’s no surprise to me that Eastbourne’s very own pier has become the unwitting focus of my Silent Sunday posts. It seems that rain or shine, snow or fog there is something magical about the pier.

Having been snapping away, recording its ever changing appearance over the past few months I’ve decided to continue making it my focus until July.

This will give me a whole years worth of shots, and whilst they aren’t taken from the same standpoint., they still show the amazing differences in appearance across the seasons.

I’m already thinking of what my next ‘focus’ will be to photograph.

Any ideas?!

These are a few of my favourite snaps so far.

good morning sunshine

sun burst beside pier

sunshine above the pier

rough waves at eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

 Fluffy clouds over Eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

 dusky pier


burst of sun

sunny day at eastbourne pier_thumb[2]


pier behind grass

low tide and sun

pier at sunrise

pier behind stones

foggy pier


  1. That second one from the bottom looks a bit Makka Pakka to me - have you been watching CBeebies again?
    Gorgeous photos though, really spectacular.


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