Review ~ The Juice Bar

I’ll be honest, when a copy of The Juice Bar dropped on to the door mat I was a little sceptical.

the juice bar

I figured {wrongly} that there wasn’t much to making a smoothie, just chuck some fruit in a blender, blitz and drink.

How wrong was I?!

I’m happy to say I was so so very wrong.

This book should be renamed as the Encyclopaedia of Juice & Smoothie, because honestly, there is not much it doesn’t cover.

It kicks off with an in-depth introduction; explaining health benefits, diet, equipment, choosing fruit & veg and various ways to garnishing your drinks.

juice bar review

It then covers the basics on which types of fruit and veggies are suitable for juicing / smoothies, how to prepare them and what additional liquids work best.

The rest of the book is divided up in to 5 chapters


Kick Start




Each chapter is packed full of recipes, over 80 in total.

Each recipe lists the ingredients, a ‘how to’, tips and / or info on the fruits and veggies the smoothie is made from. There are also photos, which could entice you to drink the smoothies regardless of what ingredients they contain, they look THAT amazing!

If you are interested at all in juicing, or just want to introduce some tasty, healthy drink options to your diet you won’t go wrong in purchasing The Juice Bar.

~ For review purposes I received a copy of The Juice Bar, all opinions are my own ~


  1. Great review! I might have to get a juice bar to go along with my Bottle Coolers


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