Sunday Smiles #1

Here it is, my first Sunday Smiles post in which I collate everything {almost} that has made me smile this week.

Inspired Smiles
I’ve been looking for inspiration in home decorating, it’s not as easy as I’d thought as I’m much too indecisive! But luckily for me there are some talented folk out there who have great ideas.

Heather from Inspire Me Heather created this amazing quote wall, which I’m thinking will be perfect for our dark and narrow stairway.
I’m already thinking of quotes with sentimental value to our family and friends, looking forward to starting this DIY.

Suzanne of 3 children and it fame mentioned {Unravelling The Year Ahead} on a recent blog post, being nosey I had a little look.
I promptly printed of a copy and am looking forward to reviewing the past year and making a plan of sorts for the next 12 months, I got a relaxed CBT type vibe from it all.

Gotta say I’m not a fan on Apple and get a little miffed when apps always without fail go to App Store first, but hurrah, Android users can finally use the apps from A Beautiful Mess and Rhonna Designs, yay!

inspired smiles
{Inspired Smiles}
Family Smiles
Gah, the cuteness of my kids is ridiculous, even when they annoy me, they make me smile.
Having family who will drop whatever plans they have for the weekend to come down and help patch up our leaking roof is great, they never fail to astound me with how helpful they are.

family smiles
{Family Smiles}

Sweet Treat Smiles
I have a sweet tooth, actually all my teeth are sweet, I love sugar but try to be good and restrict how much naughtiness I have, but a little naughty every now and then is good for the soul, and this week has been pretty darn sweet on the teeth.

In my defence, it’s only just not Christmas and sweet things make everything better, even the sadness of taking down the Christmas decorations.

sweet treat smiles
{Sweet Treat Smiles}

Self~Improvement Smiles
So, part of my new thang for this year is to learn new things, and I’ve already learnt something, whoop whoop!
Yay me and all that jazz!

Okay, so it was nothing too fancy, but I’m chuffed as heck as I can now make my own png images with transparent backgrounds.

Oh and um, my no drinking booze is going well {but my coffee intake is higher}, hmm wonder if the cheesecake and lack of booze are related?!

self improvement smile
{Self Improvement Smiles}

These are some of the things which have been causing me to smile this week, feel free to link up and share whatever it is that has caused you to smile, whether it’s a moment with family or friends, an achievement or just an awesome day, link up and share some smiles!


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