Sunday Smiles #2

Here’s a few of the things which have been making me smile this week

Inspired Smiles
91 magazine craft special, I feel like I’m in a creative funk, seeing the gorgeous ideas in 91 magazine has definitely given me a healthy dose of inspiration.

Doodle Smiles
We bought the boys some Usborne Doodle books, one of which I nabbed, so the lovely hubs bought me my own book and pens.

Yes, I’m a big kid!

doodle books

Family Smiles
My mum and I write to each other, I got another little letter from her this week, it’s always nice to hear how they are doing.

The boys returned to school this week, and despite my reservations its been great, no tears or tantrums.
family smiles 2

The boys have also made great progress with brushing their teeth, they've gone from screaming and crying every single time to actively participating and asking to brush their teeth! Such a huge turnaround, so proud.

Self~Improvement Smiles
Friday morning I got caught in the rain on the way from dropping the boys off at school, as I was already soaked to the skin I decided to carry on with my morning walk along the seafront.

Whilst I may have looked like a loon walking in the rain, it was one of those moments when I felt perfectly at ease with everything. Living with depression I’ve learnt to make the most of the moments when everything is just..okay. And that walk was one of those moments.

when it's raining

These are some of the things which have been causing me to smile this week, feel free to link up and share whatever it is that has caused you to smile, whether it’s a moment with family or friends, an achievement or just an awesome day, link up and share some smiles!


  1. Unless it's driving rain that gets under the hood of your coat, I like the rain. Don't like the way the dog smells when we get home, but rain is nice!
    Love the doodle books. My daughter has one. Fun. xx

    1. Wet dog smell is an ...... interesting smell!
      I may still 'borrow' one of the kids' book, they are so fun! x

  2. As long as I've got the right gear on I think there's nothing better than walking in the rain.
    Unfortunately my hair doesn't have the same opinion! ;D

  3. I think I'm going to write one of these now! Fantastic things to smile about xx

  4. What a lovely idea for a linky! I do enjoy coming to your blog, it's always positive and bright and like a 'breath of fresh air'. Gorgeous reasons for smiling :)


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