Sunday Smiles #3

Thank you to those of you that linked up last week!
These are a few of the things that have been making me smile this week.

Inspired smiles
Whilst we continue trying to find the leak in our roof, seriously weird but we can’t find it, I’ve been continuing my search for design inspiration for our home. These are a few of my favourite resources this week.
Family Smiles
I’m one very proud mama this week, not only have the boys continued with their eager no fuss attitude towards bath time and brushing their teeth, but we have now had two whole weeks at school with no tears or tantrums, whoop whoop!

Oh and Ahren got an award!
And just because… look at the cuteness!
proud mama

Self ~ Improvement Smiles
Walk it baby!

Now the boys are back at school I’ve had to step back in to my walking shoes, 50 miles a week I walk just getting them to and from school, loving the fresh air and gentle exercise we are all getting.

best foot forward

It’s been scarily easy to forget who I am since I became a mama. This hasn’t been helped this week when chatting with the kiddos about their trains
Ahren “Spencer is a silver train”
Me “Who else is called Spencer?”
Ethan and Ahren “Daddy”
Me “What’s my name?”
Ethan and Ahren “Mummy, Mama”
Le sigh

In trying to find things for me, to help find who the new, post career and babies me is, I stumbled across one of the best sites ever for making me step back and actually think about my own self worth. Pop over and try The Great I am worksheet, after all we are all great!

Sweet Treat Smiles
Gotta say, I love my mama, she got me Lucky Charms for Christmas, been enjoying these this week!

oh yummy

And hubs has been pretty dang awesome with replenishing my supply of peanut butter chocolaty goodness, just as well I’m doing so much walking!

Successful Shopping Smiles
I don’t ‘do’ make up, at all!
Other than nail varnish, not sure it really counts but hey ho!
And until recently I’ve been stumped trying to find a nail varninsh that doesn’t chip or flake within a few hours of application….I ONLY BLOODY WELL FOUND IT, whilst pootling around Boots I stumbled across Barry M for the first time.

barry m nail varnish.pmg
Lovin’ Barry M!

pink banner

These are some of the things which have been causing me to smile this week, feel free to link up and share whatever it is that has caused you to smile, whether it’s a moment with family or friends, an achievement or just an awesome day, link up and share some smiles!