Sunday Smiles #4

Thank you to those of you that linked up last week!
These are a few of the things that have been making me smile this week.
Self ~ Improvement Smiles
I’m a huge believer in the correlation between happiness and creativeness, finding my own creative outlets has greatly helped with my recovery from PND and PTSD so I was pretty stoked when I stumbled across 15 Minutes a Day Challenge ~ Living a Creative Life by Melissa Dinwiddie. The premise, is simple, spend 15 minutes a day doing something creative!
Home Style Smiles
I’ve already mentioned that this year we WILL be doing our home over, so I’ve been trawling the internet for inspiration. I’m not a one theme kinda gal, and I don’t really get the whole yearly redo, I’m more a “Ohhhh my gawd, I love love love THAT and I NEED it in my home” complete with squees, hand clapping and occasionally jumping around} which is where it will stay for years, until I grow bored of it or accidentally break or destroy it.
This week I stumbled across the swoon inducing talented Ashley Thomas. Her At Home collection is just beautiful and WILL be adorning my home very soon.
at home with Ashley Thomas Russian Dolls
How fabulous are those Russian Doll mugs? I know! Very fabulous!
I decided to see what else Debenhams has to offer in home decor, more swooning, le sigh.
new home designs from demenhams
Education Smiles
I wrote a post recently on how I struggle helping my kiddos with their homework. As a mother, being unable to help them with this, makes me feel like a total mama fail, not a nice feeling. So when I discovered the amazing resources available at Twinkl I just about did a happy dance.
After printing off a bunch of relevant resources I set to with my paper cutter and laminator, and ended up with an impress array of resources I can help my kiddos work on to improve pencil control, maths and spelling, squee! This is an essential website for both paid for and free educational resources, a new fav!
red arrowsred arrows
These are some of the things which have been causing me to smile this week, feel free to link up and share whatever it is that has caused you to smile, whether it’s a moment with family or friends, an achievement or just an awesome day, link up and share some smiles!



  1. I will tell you what has made me smile - the appearance of sunshine at last, yay! Lovely, positive post :)


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