Sunday Smiles

I’ve mentioned before that 2013 was a wonderful year for me personal and my family.

Part of recognising this positivity has been the ability to look back on photos which have provided me a brief snap shot of days out, family events and other wonderful moments.

But I want more!

More than just a few photos that remind me of happy, joyful moments.

So, each Sunday I’ll be posting all about what has made me happy that week, it could be anything; Spring flowers on the school run, a drawing from one of the kids, a day out or a lazy afternoon.

Not only will it make a great record of happy moments, but on those days when I’m feeling down, it will be helpful to look back and realise that happy is actually all around and there is a lot to be thankful for.

I’m going to open it up as a linky for others to join in, I think we all, at times, need to remember there are positive moments all around us.

Sunday I’ll be posting my first Sunday Smiles post, hope you can join in!

sunday smiles


  1. Sounds like a fab idea! I will try and join in when i can =] ktbtw x


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