The Week That Was…

…the start of a New Year.


So umm, yeah, I’ve almost totally forgotten what happened today, other than buying pegs and boxes, living the dream!

30 JAN


Whoop whoop, the end the year!

The kiddos rocked it with Appletiser, whilst I got ridiculously disgustingly drunk {only once child care duty was over} watching Jackass, which is just stoopidly funny. I was crying with laughter and almost fell off the sofa a few times from hard core giggling.

31 DEC

I think I signed off Twitter with the words ‘I’m off for some slap and tickle’ staying classy as always Winking smile


In true hangover Amandastyle I woke up to the room still spinning {not cool}, the only way to ever stop it is to jump in the shower, brush teeth and begin inhaling copious amount of coffee.

1 jan

I wont mention a thing about me not being able to eat anything until 6.30pm due to feeling so rough.

We did manage to get out for a nice walk, which was really nice until the Heavens opened and oh my gosh did it rain.


Hubs went back to work, booo!

We took down the decorations, sad times, but yay for finding Winter decorations.


Not sure why, maybe the lack of booze, but I commenced a crazy house cleaning session which included, washing down walls, hoovering Potpourri, cleaning floors, washing windows and cleaning pinecones!


The boys and I hit the shops, which is always a trial in stress management!

Being an epically windy day, I naturally went and bought the boys umbrellas! It’s official, I’m and idiot!

Ahren and I had a falling out, he tattled on me, to hubs!

I carried on with the cleaning and nearly went ballistic I asked hubs if he’d noticed I’d washed the net curtains, he said

‘We have net curtains?!’

What the what?!

He saved the day with New York Cheesecake, but almost ruined it by making me watch Highlander! Seriously, I sometimes wonder if I even know him at all!



Another delightfully miserable day, thankfully not as bad as some folk have it, but yeah, not the best day for trying to figure out why our roof is leaking!

Needless to say, it’s none of the obvious reasons, and without removing a bunch of tiles we wont know, but we can’t do that until the weather settles!


The outlaws visited today, it’s always lovely to see them, if only because the kids go nuts.

They brought with them a bunch of gifts for the boys from auntie Ellie and Uncle Ken Dod, yay for even more remote controlled cars!

Once the outlaws left we took the boys out for a walk to test their umbrellas…umbrellaness!

I’m pleased to report that the umbrellas are indeed very umbrellaree!

I was a bit nervous at seeing the flood defences put in place, I know the weather is awful but still, eeek!

4 jan

This was a really random week, reflecting on last year and thinking of the year ahead, but it was still a bloody wonderful week.


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  1. Gosh mini eggs already??

    It sounds like your New Years Eve was very similar to mine :P

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  2. Lovely pictures. I have twins too :-) #TWTWI


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