The Year That Was Instagrammed

I’m still feeling rather reflective on the past year, in a good way.

Usually around this time of year, I’d be feeling somewhat down and full of regrets, struggling to see any good in the past 12 months nor able to look forward to the future.

But not this year!

The past 12 months have been amazing, wonderful and awesome. We’ve had some low points, but they’ve never been able to keep me down and the good has far out weighed the bad.

I think part of what has made looking back on the past year more enjoyable, is that I’ve been recording ‘moments’ more often, I actually have something physical to look at rather than relying on hazy memories clouded with time.

Other than this ol’ blog, Instagram has been my recording method of choice, I went back through my snaps over the past 12 months, and oh my gosh was it fun!

Reminiscing about days out with the boys, fun family times, snuggles, crazy afternoons and so many other moments which made 2013 the best year yet.

a year on instagram

I fully intend to continue recording our ‘moments’ this year, and hopefully get around to actually having some of those digital photos made in to photos to put on the walls, which are starting to look horrendously bare now I’m taking down the decorations!