Things I Miss Now The Kids Are At School

I knew that when the kiddos began attending school there would be things about LBS {Life Before School} I would miss.

waking up without the alarm

Gone are the days when I could wake up naturally, or as natural as is possible when two 4 year old boys are using you and your bed as a trampoline, now my days start with the shrilling alarm alerting me to the fact I miss leave my comfy bed and go against all parenting advice and WAKE UP sleeping babies.

bake coffee lego

pj days

There’s a reason I have over 20 sets of pjs; that day of the week always and forever known as pj day, I miss it hard!

ice cream for breakfast

Yep, last year I let my boys have ice cream for brekkie on their birthday, not sure the teacher will appreciate me sending the kiddos to school jacked up on sugar.

I’ll let you know April 3 what she says.

naked days

At the time I was all “Oh my gawd, my kiddos are naked, all the time” now I’m able to appreciate how little laundry they produced.

They were just trying to make life easier for me whilst being environmentally considerate.

an excuse not to do housework

I wont tell you how many times I blamed the lack of housework on the kiddos but it was A LOT, now they’re out the house all day there is no excuse, except, now I’m nursing a broken heart missing my boys *sobs* I couldn’t possibly do house work when I’m so upset.

laundry sage

people to blame for all the biscuits/sweet being gone

Yep, I did it. When we could finish off something yummy I’d blame the kids.

If we had a dog I’d blame him, but we don’t so the kiddos have to be the fall guys!

sofa snuggles

Oh my days, there is something about an impromptu snuggle with my babies that is able to drive away the bluest of days, or even just seeing them being all cute and adorable can lift my mood.

hugs cuddles and snuggles

Now they’re at school I get no snuggles, strangers do not respond well when asked for a snuggle, so rude!


What with getting the kiddos ready for school, taking the kiddos to school, running errands, returning home, chucking on some laundry, inhaling a coffee or two, going back to collect the kiddos, making the agonisingly slow journey back home with two tired kiddos, getting delayed by trains, rounding up stray items of school uniform flung around the house, emptying lunch boxes and reading yet another accident slip, cutting, gluing and laminating homework stuff…… well you get the idea! Where has all my time gone?!

help with the housework

One of the things I love about my kiddos is that they enjoy doing housework, so much so they actually have little arguments over who gets to sweep, hoover, wipe windows etc. But now they’re at school I have to do it all by myself, doesn’t really seem fair.

days out

We had some awesomely amazing days out before the kiddos began school, there is a freedom in being able to go places whilst most other kids are at school. Nothing seemed too busy and we could just, breathe.

days out

I miss those days, we still have awesome days out, but it’s not the same.

my boys

More than anything I miss my boys.

The early wake ups when they would be playing in the garden at 6.30am, talcum powder snow days, singing and dancing in the kitchen, baking days, naked days on the beach, randomly weird conversations only the innocent can have, paddling in the sea, snuggles when we were feeling low, sunny days in the paddling pool, building forts and a whole host of other things which we now have to cram in to weekends and school holidays.

just chilling

What do you miss most when your kids are in school?

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  1. I'm not a parent, but what I remember most from childhood are the weekends and holidays when my mum did stuff with me (and then me and my sisters, when they came along). All the play and baking and snuggles and dancing seemed so much more exciting and treasured once I was at school and those things didn't happen every day!
    You've seem like such an awesome mum. I bet your boys love spending days with you even more now they're in school :)

  2. What a beautiful post and totally feel your pain - life is hard when they're at school and you have to cram everything into evenings and weekends. It's so long since my kids started school, that I can barely remember a different life, but I do love slowing down a bit in the school holidays.

  3. Currently the only thing I'm missing is......sleep!
    So I'm using school time to catch up on that.
    Beautiful post xx

  4. Aww this post made me laugh and feel sad in equal measures. I REALLY loathe having to get out of bed at the same time every morning and the fact that we have to rush around to get out on time. And you are right, I thought I would have more time with Meg at school but really, it's the opposite isn't it? Great post :)

  5. Great post! I seriously wanted to respond to each and every one of these points! My daughter is well into her school days now, but my son is starting nursery this autumn...I already miss him. Not that I do as much with him as I ever did with my daughter, because I have all the school stuff to deal with.

  6. I LOVE. Your washing mountain. I, of course have one too. Except that it doesn't look as pretty as yours. Mine is usually all over the landing waiting to be posted to the different doors. I'm stopping work at Easter, with the main intention to just lavish my attention on my youngest little man before he goes full time in September. Ugh. my heart.

  7. My kids have been at school for a while, but I always know when they're at home because of the mess! They get in the door and discard shoes, clothes and bags anywhere..... #pocolo

  8. ooo you got me all teary here! My 'baby' starts in september and then all will be at school! i will miss his snuggles and when we go to soft play together and his gardening help...we are a gardening double act! sniff sniff!

  9. I sat and nodded along to all of this post! I know exactly where you are coming from! I love your photo displays btw, they look great! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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