Valentine Card Roundup

Do you remember the first words you spoke to your other half?

Mine were a little like this {okay, so they were exactly like this, but I was a little tipsy, okay, fine, I was almost drunk}

“Do you want to see my flower?”

Now before you go thinking I’m ‘that’ kinda girl, I’m not! You see, I had a flower in my hair, Hawaiian style, and hubs was at the bar chatting to a friend of mine, I saw him thought to myself “Ohh nice” {he has a lovely bum} and went over to chat, not realising the flower had fallen out between leaving one pub and another.

So, yeah, I made an impression on hubs straight away, obviously a good one as 8 years later we’re still together.

From that day on we’ve had quirky names for each other, most make no sense, but it’s one of our ‘things’, this little us~ism leads me to look for Valentines Day cards which fit in with our sense of humour.

quirky weird and fun valentine cards

I’ve done a little round, and I’m no closer to selecting just one, gah!

valentines day card roundup

Green Bean Things / Sweet perversion / wit and whistle / DOODLELOVE / I AM NAT / VERONICA DEARLY


valentines day card roundup 2

ZOE BRENNAN / DOODLELOVE / my july / Hope and Willow 

I might have to buy more than one!

Which one is you favourite, or are you a more traditional romantic?!


  1. Love all of these, especially "you are my lobster" for the sheer randomness xx

  2. When I saw the title of this post I sighed. I hate valentines and thought 'Eugh someone has so little to write about that they're writing about the best valentines cards!' (Sorry, had to be honest!) But, as it was you, I thought I'd take a look anyway - and I'm so glad I did! I love these cards! They're the exact cards Hubby and I would buy if we did Valentines - 'I love you cos you're weird'! hahahahahaha!
    Thanks for sharing. Lesson learnt - No more judging a post by the title! x


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