What About The Dads?

Before my pregnancy I had absolutely no idea just how female focused everything pregnancy, baby and parenting related is.

It was as though men were excluded from the entire process; from trying to get knocked up through to slamming the front door behind your kids as they take their first tentative steps in to adulthood, finding opinions, advice or whatever from a fathers perspective was nigh impossible.

Almost 5 years on it hasn’t got that much better.

Whilst I appreciate that mums are important, we aren’t the be all and end all.

father and son

The dads contribute a lot, I know I wouldn’t be here now if not for my hubs being as supportive and hands on as he is, but I’m pissed he had to deal with my PND blind.

Once I admitted I needed help I had support workers coming out my ears, hubs however had nothing and no one.

There were no books advising on what was happening. There was no agency ensuring he didn’t crack under the pressure of a suicidal partner, new-born twins, full time job and a sick baby all whilst being a first time parent.

And it’s not just the serious stuff that is lacking any real focus on fathers; whether it’s change bags or ‘mummy & baby’ rooms there is a vast bias towards women.

With more and more fathers staying home whilst mothers return to work isn’t it about time we had some balance, less mummy focus and more parent focus!?

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  1. I think so too! I feel sorry for the dads sometimes ;) they are as much parents as the mums, even if they don't go through the birth and breastfeeding, they're still a huge part of everything! Odd really... xx

  2. My other half has suffered jealousy over my pregnancies and baby rearing, I say let them give birth and leave the rest to us! (only joking!)

  3. I agree completely, everything is Mummy focused - even in blogging - Mummy Bloggers and 'Mum' blogging groups. Dads are a huge part of the life of a child and should be given equal thought! x

  4. You're right. Dads do need more support. Sometimes, it's like they aren't even there! By the way, here in Dubai, they do have 'Father & Baby' rooms! #PoCoLo

  5. I totally agree. Dads are no less important and are equal partners in the whole parenthood thing, and so we should move more towards a parent centric society rather than a mummy centric one.

  6. I totally agree with you - much of the time it seems that the Dads are an afterthought which is extremely unfair. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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