6 Reasons A Child & Bear Grylls Have More In Common Than You Thought

If you don’t already know who Bear Grylls is, go and Google him now.

If Action Man and MacGyver had a baby {I know!} the result would be a baby Bear Grylls, BOOM evolution at its best.

child v's bear

So, what are the similarities between those crazy kids and Mr Grylls…

Getting Naked

Children ~ please don’t tell me it’s just mine. Children like to be naked a lot. Whether it’s a day at the beach, visiting friends, having guests around, playing in the garden or just eating dinner, they like doing it naked, unless of course you want them to have a bath, then clothes MUST be worn.

Bear ~ umm he gets naked A LOT in his shows. Going swimming, naked. Sitting in hot tub, naked. Rolling around in mud, yep, naked.

Eating The Weird And Wonderful

No, I’m not talking about a dodgy kebab on the stumble home after a night on the town. This stuff is proper weird, and a bit less than wonderful.

Children ~ they are the urban scavengers, finding lost Cheerios and bits of toast long ago forgotten behind the radiator and under the sofa, if it has fluff on it, even better, nom nom. They do not understand the ‘3 second’ rule, if they have to chisel that morsel of food off the floor, they will, then devour it whole. They may or may not spit it back out into your hand. Nice.

Bear ~ this guy gets himself in to a lot of pickles, the kind that make eating live bugs, drinking the ‘water’ from fresh poop, dining on bear poop and sheep eyes just to name a few, a necessary indulgence. Admittedly he’s a tad more hard-core than our delightful kids in what he eats, but given the chance, I bet the kiddos would give him a run for his money.

Sleeping In Weird Places

Children ~ we all know kids have that enviable talent to sleep just about anywhere, except in their beds, at bed time. Standing up, face in dinner or upside-down, they can sleep there.

Bear ~ take a red deer, a camel and sheep carcass’s; skin them and disembowel…BOOM sleeping bags and a teeny tiny hotel for the night.

Fearless In The Face Of Danger

Children ~ no matter how many times you tell them not to do X,Y and Z, they still need to do it, perhaps for research purposes. Running in front of a car, eating some weird plant from the garden, jumping from the top step, or painting each other with Hammerite paint, eating mummy’s last chocolate biscuit, if it’s dangerous, they want to do it.

Bear ~ wrestling with a pig, taking on a diamond backed snake; basically picking a fight with every kind of dangerous animal known to man. Oh and jumping out of perfectly good planes, all the time, and landing in places not featured in Top Holiday Destinations!

Confidence In Themselves

Children ~ The innocence and confidence of the young is truly enviable, upon asking Ethan to get dressed one day before we were due to go out he replied, “Why wouldn’t everyone want to see me naked? I’m lovely”.

Bear ~ The man obviously has some skills to survive in the situations he willingly flings his body in to from a perfectly good plane, to do this with nothing more than a canteen, knife and piece of flint screams of a confidence us mere mortals know nothing of.

A Unique Fashion Sense

Children ~ We’ve all been there, about to head out when our little darling reveals the outfit they’ve put on to attend the wedding/funeral/ anniversary; it’s a pirate costume with a tutu, jingly bracelets, and your favourite bra on their head, Vivienne Westwood would be jealous.

Bear ~ if it’s dead and skin~able, he’ll wear it. Black tie event, he could wear a real live, dead penguin.

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 So, there you have it. Kids are just like Bear Grylls, not sure if that is a good or bad thing, just smaller!

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  1. This is great. So funny. Agree about scavenging - Nancy just ate something with choc on. Well I think it was choc. No idea where from.....

  2. Agree on ALL counts. In fact, are you sure you haven't been spying on my life with Harry?!

  3. Firstly, I don't know why MacGyver is... Secondly, I know why Bear Grylls is BUT I didn't know he gets naked... May have to start watching ;)

  4. I didn't know he got naked either Donna,may have to pay more attention in future and stop Tweeting at the same time:o)
    On a more serious note...I hadn't previously thought about the similarities between Bear Grylls & kids, but you have a point. Obviously your adorable sons are destined for a life on TV!

  5. How I love your blog! It makes me smile and your boys look like such lovely little characterful boys ;) xx

  6. Ha! This has really made me laugh! GENIUS!

  7. I had never thought of comparing Bear Grylls to a baby before - but you are right!! Great post. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  8. Why WOULDN'T everyone want to see a naked child? Hehe, this post made me laugh so much. You are a genius :D


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