Growing Up ~ Bunk Bed Buddies

Somehow, we’re not exactly sure on the details, Ahren and Ethan persuaded nannie to buy them bunk beds.

Which are being delivered this Friday!

Whilst I’m in awe of their persuasive skills, I’m having a bit of a tizz moment.

time for sleep.pmg

Not only is it another sign of my babies growing up, and besides the fact my kiddos don’t exactly sleep in the most traditional of positions, but in a set of bunk beds, there is a top bunk.

High up.

Almost near the ceiling.

Waaaayy up there, off the ground.

My kiddos don’t really have any concept of danger, everything is a challenge to be conquered.

So I’m a little worried as to the dare devil antics they will get up to.

Perhaps trying to fly, or jump from the bed to the toy box, maybe swing off a lamp shade or land on each other in the ultimate ninja move…the possibilities are endless.

And terrifying.

But, hey ho, fingers crossed they won’t try anything too crazy!

We have another teeny tiny problem; bedside storage.

Both Ahren and Ethan like to keep Lego, books, teddies and a drink close to hand whilst in bed, a stash of contraband chocolate coins is also appreciated, but with bunk beds there isn’t really anywhere for their usual array of items to go!

I’ve been looking in to various solutions, some more appealing than others and a few just screaming for a child to climb on a dive off again.

These are my top picks.


{ PB Teen End of Bed Storage / Tidy Books Children’s Bunk Bed Storage / 3 Pocket Bed Tidy Northshore Outlet / Julian Bowen Domino Bunk Bed - With Side Shelf To Both Bunks Sleepland }

After much umming and aahhing I think the side shelf option is the most practical, but that comes with bunk beds!! Gah! So now the hunt is on for bunk bed side shelf WITHOUT the bunk bed!

Whilst I’m a little apprehensive over the boys having a bunk bed, I’m really looking forward to making the lower bunk a hideaway tent for me them!

pink banner

Do your little ones sleep in bunk beds?

How do you stop them falling out or from using it as a Jungle Gym?!


  1. Firstly, LOL LOL thank you SOO much for sharing those fantastic sleep position photos killing my gut laughing this morning! Super Funny and Cute as a button!!!!! I would feel the same way. My youngest has been knick amend 'baby bird' since birth for few reasons. Now, especially as she approaches age five soon, she really wants to grow up to "be able to fly"...ohh boy. We actually just turned down a set of offered bunk beds specifically for her deep desires to "grow up to be a bird," she says confidently...LOL! Personally, I would chose the soft type shelves for your boys looking at their sleep positions u wouldn't really want then knocking themselves out of hard shelves. LOL! They just look like a bundle of fun. Enjoy it. My oldest is a teen & I'd almost give a limb to have one of her younger days back ;( ENJOY! Great blog, just found it yesterday!!!


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