How Does Your Garden Grow

I killed a cactus.
Yep, those spikey little green alien looking plants which are the cockroach equivalent of the plant world. Almost indestructible, persistent in the face of barren lands and most likely to survive the Zombie Nation Armageddon Apocalypse have died by my hand.
Totally unintentionally, of course.
This explains my ridiculous excitement at having real, live planty flowers in the garden!
Whoop whoop!
Admittedly there aren’t many, the variety is tiny and their colours restricted BUT it proves my bulb flinging and digging skills are coming along slowly but surely.
ready to pop
popping up
smell the flowers
simple things 051
Head over to mamasaurus where you seen pretty gardens from people who know what they are doing!
Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. So many pretty flowers! #HDYGG

  2. I'm doing OK on the veg front but you are winning on the flower front :)

  3. Pretty fleu fleu ! LOVE the daffodil shots - so sweet - and the hidden skull and crossbones too! Love all the yellow - the colour that cannot fail to make you smile :)

    I didn't think it was humanly possible to kill a cactus - and I've killed a LOT of houseplants in my time. Maybe we should set up a blog ;)

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing sweet cheeks! Not beach action this end for me at the moment as the sea threw half the beach onto the road in the storms and it's still closed!

  4. Ha ha I love this, glad I am not the only beginner gardener on #hdygg! The hidden skull and crossbones is awsome and flowers are gorgeous, you are doing well :) #hdygg xx

  5. It's looking lovely - all the colour! Ours is is mixture of mud and patchy grass :(

  6. your garden has so many beautiful spring colors in it already!! and don't feel so bad.... i have killed cacti too... :(

  7. SO many pretty flowers already in your garden. I really wish I had planted bulbs in Autumn! And like yourself and Lily, I too have killed a cacti!

  8. Lots of lovely flowers and the photo of the hyacinth heads poking out is great. I too have killed a cactus - from under watering would you believe. It just shrivelled up, all the spikes fell out and it died.

  9. Arrrr me heartie- love the pirate and those daffodils! Lush! It's very easy to kill cacti. They need to be ignored, but not forever, so it's easy to forget to remember to not forget if it's not something you are doing on a regular basis. See? It's complicated remembering to forget and remembering to remember.:-)

  10. Great signs of Spring being jusy around the corner, lets hope it doesn't bring a load of snow like last year!!

  11. Loving the Spring flowers & can't wait for some warmer weather. House plants don't thrive in my house either - the only things I can't kill are orchids!


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