How Does Your Garden Grow?

For some reason I have this song going round my head

“Down at the bottom of the garden,
Among the birds and the bees,
A little lot of little people,
They call the Poddington Peas!
There's Creep-Pea, BlackEyed-Pea and Dump-Pea
Keep it a secret now please.
There's Zip-Pea, Hap-Pea and theres Sweet-Pea
And all the Poddington Peas!
The Poddington Peas!”

No, I don’t know why!

I can only presume that subliminally I want to grow peas, or go for a pee {sorry} or ummm reconnect with my childhood, anyhoo  moving on!

I’m gonna say it, I think Spring is here. She’s teasing us with bloomy blooms, hints of warmer days and gorgeous blue skies with fluffy clouds.

The surest sign yet… BLOSSOM!

On a blossoming, bloomy blossom tree! In fact, oodles of trees have bloomy blossom bursting from their buds.

early spring blossom

Our garden is also continuing it’s slow but steady shift into Spring.

Snowdrops and daffodils continue to add colour and cheer.

a little drop of white

a little blue

pale yellow flower


a hint of pink

{How odd that the daff below has little notches on the left and right petal!}


Even the weeds are looking pretty!

bright and yellow

The cut back braches look rather spectacular up close and give a fab excuse to mess around with my camera’s macro settings!

rings of a tree branch

close up of a twig

Considering my awful attempts at gardening, {gardening shears are really rather addictive once in my hands, I just don’t know when to stop cutting back and before I know it 5 years of plant growth is gone!} I’m really rather proud of my little garden.


Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. I loved the Poddington Peas and often find myself humming the tune....!! Your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I have never heard "Poddington Peas before" - it's great. Oh and those "weeds" are far from weeds - mine have had loads of honey bees visiting them on the sunny days this week .... and I make a lovely dandelion jelly from them :) Weeds are just plants in the wrong place!

  3. ooo you have colour! we have a nearly spot of colour but not quite there yet! Yay for spring! great to visit again via hdygg. xxx

  4. Wow, can't believe you have blossom already! We gave our diseased crabapple tree a rather drastic haircut this year (it really is addictive) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get some blossom. That dandelion looks like a big ball of sunshine :)

  5. Is that a dandelion? It does look rather spectaular in that close up!

  6. you, my lady are a funny one. you always make me laugh. i think has definitely reached you all which is the best reward after such a wet and grey winter. beautiful flowers and colors. your garden is looking lovely. well done. now put the shears down, edward shear hands ;)

  7. I remember the Poddington Peas! Looking at all these lovely HDYGG pictures today has made me realise that our garden is a little behind - but I'm also relishing in the shared experience we're all having enjoying these lovely colours popping up

  8. Lol, yoru weed does indeed look very pretty. Mich x

  9. Beautiful blossom against the blue sky. #HDYGG

  10. You have the most beautiful weeds. I'm a little bit jealous ;)

  11. What a fab blossom shot. You've inspired me to get my macro on again!

  12. Such colour - I LOVE the blossom and the daff especially - I only have dinky mini-daffs in my garden and they really aren't a patch on the big buggers! You have even made a dandelion look good - skillz supreme :)
    Your post makes me happy and feel optimistic - and thank you for joining in again and sharing - I really do love this time of week, seeing these posts. And sorry to be late commenting - power cuts and birthday partys going on!

  13. I love the close up of the cut branch, a great photo and well done for making a danelion look so good, I might consider keeping mione this year!!


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