How To Make Your Own Confetti

I do enjoy sending cards and little presents to people, especially when I know they are going through a difficult time.

Wanting to make these as cheery as possible, things like glitter and confetti feature a lot.

Whilst glitter is pretty bog standard, confetti can be hit or miss.

Unless you make your own.


How to make your own confetti butterfly confetti

Step 1. Select which paper punch you want to use, I went with a butterfly one.

How to make your own confetti

Step 2. Select paper or papers you want to make your confetti out of. I used paper scraps left over from a previous project, no waste here!

How to make your own confetti paper scraps

Step 3. Punch away with your paper punch!

How to make your own confetti paper scraps with butterflies punched through with a paper punch

BOOM! You have purty confetti, hurrah!

How to make your own confetti butterfly paper punched confetti

Make sure you store it somewhere safe, don’t want it sucked up the hoover.

I popped my confetti, both store bought and homemade in some envelopes.  I made those too!

How to make confetti collage

A quick simple DIY that costs pennies and adds a little something special to cards and gifts.

There are so many possibilities based on the type of paper punch and paper you use. A bog standard hole punch will give lovely results too, so you don’t even need to spend money on buying fancy punches.

confetti 3 types


  1. So easy! Why doesn't everyone do it?! I'm going to buy myself some stamp cutter thingys immediately! x

  2. Such a lovely idea. You are such a thoughtful person x

  3. I do this. I have actually just made some butterfly confetti that looks exactly like yours! love the pastel dots too!


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