Sunday Smiles #5

What is Sunday Smiles?
I’ve found it’s all to easy to get to the end of the week and find myself in a funk.

The end of the weekend signals a rush to get homework completed, uniforms washed, attempting to keep on top of housework all whilst ensuring we have family time, to stop me falling in to a pit of despair I’ve decided to keep a record of the things which have made me smile during the week.
It can be anything; a song, a photo, something funny I’ve seen, a favourite blog post I’ve read or whatever ~ literately, anything goes.

Heart Melting Smiles
Oh my darling darling boys, this week we’ve all been feeling shonky, tempers have been frayed as sickness has just knocked us all off our game…but…my boys still managed to pull some cuteness out and make me feel all better.

love these guys

Ahren “Mama I love it when you smile at me”
Ethan “I love you as much as the Sun is big”

Family Made Smiles
Love receiving post that isn’t a bill or a pizza leaflet, and this week I got a little letter from my mama, yay!

hello you card

Boo to finding a leak in our roof, but not surprising with the amount of wind and rain this week….Yay to having a FIL in who know how to fix this kinda thing!

Just Because Smiles
I got a little ranty this week over the whole extended school days crap, so when I saw this print from Zulily I really did smile, then frowned when I saw it was out of stock, boo hiss!

let them be little

These are some of the things which have been causing me to smile this week, feel free to link up and share whatever it is that has caused you to smile, whether it’s a moment with family or friends, an achievement or just an awesome day, link up and share some smiles!

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  1. There's been a lot of smile opportunities this week, even with illness infiltrating the family.
    Biggest smile was caused by William who was awarded class Star of the Week <3
    A whole raft of songs from my youth which brought back amazing memories of a life before responsibility; REM -Stand, The Wonderstuff - It's yer money, Tiffany - I think we're alone now.
    Being number 6 on the top tenuous on The Chris Evans show Monday morning :)
    Being poorly with flu and being looked after by my amazing husband.
    My mummy dropping by with a small amoubt of whiskey so I could have a hot toddy in the evenings
    Being told by my gorgeous boy "mummy you're just perfect as you are, please don't ever change"

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