The Simple Things

Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten not only how to enjoy the simple things in life, but also how to recognise them.
I know I’m often guilty of being too busy to appreciate the simple things, and have allowed too many simple, yet momentous occasions to pass me by.
Which is a shame, as these are often the very things which can give balance and perspective to often difficult and trying days.
These are a few of my favourite ‘Simple Things’, from now on I shall aim to set aside time everyday to appreciate at least one of them.
enjoying the simple things a sunrise walk
enjoying the simple things sweet treats
enjoying the simple things day dreaming
enjoying the simple things dancing like a loon
enjoying the simple things a rainy day
enjoying the simple things a walk in the woods 
What are the ‘Simple Things’ you enjoy?


  1. I'm a bit like you! I love finding my blessings in my everyday! I think that is why I love instagram and blogging so much. I appreciate the me time In hve been blessed with lately. I'm spending alot of time at the local library reading and it makes down time with the kids that extra special :) I love how you layout your posts. So inspiring :) Keep shining Amanda!

  2. i like this! too often we tend to look for the 'big' things, when the simple things are what we really need to make us happy.

  3. Love this. I love rainy days and books. Sunny days and sunrises. Just bring able to lie in the sun or walk through the woods on a sunny afternoon. I am definitely coming up with my own list x

  4. I love cooking a nice breakfast at the weekend, there's no time during the week so it's a nice way to relax! Popping over from #PoCoLo

  5. Hi there - I'm visiting via #PoCoLo and your blog post has given me a grounded start to what's set to be a busy day! Love the photos and all of the subject matter. The simple things in life truly are the best but it's all too easy to fail to appreciate them.

  6. Rainy days or frosty mornings with a hot cup in hand. Or a hot bath and a book after a long day. Just some of my favourites, but there's a much longer list really! Great post!

  7. Lovely photos! Mine probably would be baking a cake with my daughter and eating it with her (and the husband too of course!) #PoCoLo.

  8. Lovely photos!
    I like the simple things in life.....A soak in the bath & Sunny days x

  9. What a beautiful post :) Such gorgeous photos. I've enjoyed much more of the simple things this weekend. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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