The Week That Was…

…wet, flu filled and emotional.

Do I even need to mention the weather, nope, thought not.

I’m still enjoying the many delights that come along with the flu, fed up doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

But I digress…


We popped to the shops to get some presents for hubsters birthday, the boys had some crazy ideas!

They got him rubber duckies for the bath, his favourite crisps, strawberries and cherries, all very sweet and random!

I did feel a little silly wrapping up fruit and putting it in the fridge, but hey hoo!

mon 3 feb


The boys were so ridiculously excited to have daddy there to pick them up from school, I was just chuffed to have someone else to carry their school bags!

Ethan made me one proud mama when he came running out of class with a Star of the day certificate!

We ended the day with cake and possibly ice cream, there may have been sprinkles!



The morning did not start well, we got to the train station only to find all the train cancelled or delayed, the boys were pretty chuffed to get a taxi to school, pesky school run!


Flu came and kicked my bum hard as the day went on, thankfully hubster was home with me and was able to collect the kiddos from school, just as well, apparently I just passed out in the armchair and was giggling in my sleep!

My poor boys all got soaked on the way home, Ethan was sobbing his eyes out.

I do not like the school run, grrr.

weds 5 feb


We got awesome post from Isabel, a friend of hubster; chocolate, Tablet AND Where’s Wally?!

thurs 6 feb

Once again hubs proved why I’ve kept him around by picking up the kiddos again, sadly they once again came home soaked, shivering and upset, although not as much as the day before as hubs chucked them in a taxi, second one this week.

Have I mentioned I do not like the school run?


My poor bubas, they got tummy bugs, which I’m sure haven’t been helped by getting soaked during the school runs.

We had a pj day, wrapped in duvets and enjoying sofa snuggles.

fri 7 feb

Hubs was digging around in the loft and found a few boxes which had an assortment of random crap from years ago; it was a total trip down memory lane.


Another day when it hits home just how quickly my boys are growing up.

Nannie and doopa bought them bunk beds, I didn’t realise how emotional I would get from having their cot beds packed away.

We bought those cot beds when I was about 6 months pregnant with the boys, they were made up with blankets and teddy bears ready for when they came home from hospital, so so so many memories are tied up in those cots, which became their first ever beds. Knowing my boys no longer needed them was an emotional moment.

sat 8 feb

My upset soon turned to laughter as they were so ridiculously excited at the thought of sleeping ‘up high’, so darn cute!

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  1. I do feel for you on that school run - hurry up spring! Are you feeling any better yet? Lovely photos and sentiments, as always :)

  2. The daffs are gorgeous! The bunkbed injury looks painful - but I bet they LOVE them!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC lovely lady - I hope you're feeling better? xx


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