The Week That Was

…spent recovering, snuggling and laughing.

Oh half term how I love thee!

Despite starting half term with a disgusting bug which left me feeling like death warmed over it’s been a lovely week, even if the poxy weather waited until the end to improve!

Sadly it wasn’t until the end of the week that I felt human enough to actually do anything of any worth!

I was left humbled by the support this post got, you guys are awesome.


Not sure what happened, but I got bitten by some crazy Spring Cleaning bug, the boys possibly thought I had gone mad and my poor hands were left looking raw and battered…..but my home is feeling clearer from clutter and maybe a smidge more organised.

earlier in the week

In the afternoon I decided to put the boys hyperactivity to good use and began our free trial of Reading Eggs, first impressions are good, really good, more on this later.

time to learn

I was totally channelling my inner Martha Stewart and Mary Poppins today BOOM!

I got a little reflective and zen like, embracing the simple things in life, which I’m sure many us take for granted!


My mummy, little sister and favourite niece in the whole wide world came to visits. They bought me pressies too, yay!

20 feb

It’s always so nice when they visit, the boys had a ridiculously fun time with Maddy. Not sure who is a worse influence on each other; them or her!

After catching up on gossip, showing off my latest attempt at jewellery making and setting the world to rights, we took a stroll along the beach…it was a bit nasty out there to be honest, but lovely to see how the boys goofed around with Maddy.

a feb day at the beach.pmg


“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful daaaaaaaaaay”

It was indeed a beautiful day, the skies were blue, the sun was shining and it was WARM! Warm I tell you, my inner Martha made another appearance as I flung the doors open, attacked the laundry with gusto and made use of the line strung across the garden whilst the tumble dryer sat pretty and quiet in the corner.


I was going to do some baking, but my domestic-ness was beginning to freak me out a little so I settled for a little crafting.

behind the lens

Had a rather lovely evening with hubby, where we had another of those conversations which I’m not allowed to blog about. Not because it’s rude or naughty, but because he’s worried people will realise just how randomly weird I am. I can’t help it if I have all the bestest, weirdest ideas!


Breakfast in bed BOOM perfect hubster moment!

The dude made me a choccy coffee and cinnamon toast, ahhhh he’s a good egg.

Once I had managed to drag myself away from the cozy, comforting, hug like warmth of my bed {Ohh how I love my bed, duvet and pillows} we got ourselves ready and hit the beach.

It was the first sunny day we’ve all been able to get down there for what seems like ages.

Seeing the damage left over from the recent bad weather was a timely reminder at just how devastating and dangerous the sea can be. It’s way too easy living here to become almost ignorant of the dangers the sea poses to both landscapes and people.

sunny day on the beach

The kids had a crazy fun time, until Ethan developed an ear ache which left him irritable, sobbing and unable to walk…I got the chance to improve my back and arm muscles by giving him a piggy back for 2 miles!! Always look for the silver lining!

We finished off a rather lovely day with homemade burgers. A naughty but sinfully delicious treat, nom nom.

The day was topped off by seeing I had been nominated in a few categories for the MAD Blog Awards which is very exciting. I doubt I will get anywhere near winning anything, but to even be nominated is a pretty huge deal to me!

MAD Blog Awards 

If you still haven’t done your nominations and my little blog has inspired you, or my tales of parenting woe have given you a giggle, you maybe might wanna vote for me! I know of at least 2 lovely ladies who have nominated me {they told me, I’m not being big headed} and neither was my mother, whoop whoop!

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  1. Love your photo collages, how fun are they? Glad you had a good end of the week. Linking up with The Week That Was Captured

  2. You husband sounds amazing! So glad half term was infinitely better than last week.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! I can absolutely see why you are nominated in the MADS - good luck! xx #TWTWC


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