A Beautiful Mess

Life is without a doubt, messy.

From creating life, being born to living our everyday lives, it is messy.

Mostly in a good and fun way.

With Instagram and Pinterest all the rage lately, it’s easy to think the ‘other half’ live in a gloriously, perfectly tidy world.

I’m sure there are one or two out there who do manage to live in a mess free world.

When I’ve trodden on the 17th Lego block of the day, spilt my 4th mug of coffee, tried to pull apart the pages of a new book stuck together by spilt juice, picked soggy towels off the bathroom floor and discovered a handful of chocolate coin wrappers under the bed I envy their mess free world.

please excuse the mess

Yet somehow I find the chaos and mess of our lives comforting.

The innocent doodles on the walls, showcasing their first attempts at art.

The pile of books hidden under the pillow, an indication they didn’t go to sleep straight away.

The hand print on the dresser door which reminds me of when we laid a new floor and how ‘helpful’ the kids were.

The Hammerite paint on the side of the bath, makes me smile when I think of how blasé they were at painting each other silver.

The pile of shoes at the door, flung in every direction as the kids shed any remnant of their school day.

There are 1001 things around the home which just scream ‘kids live here’, stickers on the sofa, crayon on the window and Legos on the fireplace to name a few. Most of these can be swept away in a moment to restore some semblance of order to our chaos, yet there are a few I like to keep around.

For now at least.

They help me remember that even on our messiest days, it’s all a beautiful mess, full of happy memories, laughing kids and relaxed parents.

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  1. I agree with you. My life would be so boring with out the kids! I love the print!

  2. Oh I love this! It's a beautiful reminder today just when I need it the most.

  3. Our house will never be a show home. I look at other people's immaculate houses and wonder how children could possibly have a wonderful, carefree childhood living there when there's nothing out of place and I look at our home, the dusty bits, the bath toys still in the bottom of the bath, the toothpaste marks on the sink, the fingerprints on the TV stand and DVDs put back upside down and I love those things too, I love that our house is lived in and I love that our children are making memories here.
    Great post!! x

  4. I love this! Our house is the same, there is shit everywhere (not literal shit) - piles of clothes that need putting away, clutter that doesn't have a specific home, toys, shoes, all sorts. It never used to be like this but these days I'd much rather make more mess with Little T every day rather than wasting time tidying up the mess that is already there! My husband does go mad about it as he's turned into a tidy freak since we got married but that means we make a happy medium - I make the mess, he tidies it! ha

  5. My husband has turned into a messier person than our son. At least I tidy up after the son, I refuse to after the OH! But he never clears up N's mess now so doesn't help. So different to pre-children where he was always telling me I was messy (I wasn't I just have no storage and lots of stuff). But in my view, there's other things to worry about and get right than a show home

  6. A great and reassuring post, my home is always a mess and I constantly feel guilty but I can't bear to miss out on a moment with my LO #PoCoLo

  7. I love this post.. There were 7 of us growing up and our house was full of the evidence of children.. My Mum loves a tidy house these days but it never bothers her when the grand kids show up to mess it up :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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