Encouraging Your Childs Interest In Photography

It seems inevitable that my children have taken an interest in photography. Rarely a day goes by when their daddy or I don’t take at least one photo.

They’ve seen us snap photos of everyday events, random objects and things that spark our interest.

Over the past 12 months or so they have shown a keen interest in getting behind the lens and taking their own photos.

I’ve handed down an old point and shoot which they both use, with often interesting results.

We’ve been trying to encourage their interest whilst not putting pressure on them to pursue something they may decide they no longer have an interest in.

It’s a fine balancing act!

ENCOURAGING your childs photography interest

Keep it Fun!

Yes, there are rules to photography, and bad habits can be hard to break. But the joy of finding something new, and going with it, rather than learning all the dos and don'ts, should be encouraged.

There’s time to learn the rules later, for now, encourage them to experiment, their perspective and view of the world is less rigid than ours, let them enjoy it.

Hold it Steady!

My kids often get shaky when excited, this can make for interesting effects, but generally isn’t what they want to achieve. Help your child learn to hold the camera properly, keeping it steady and avoiding stray fingers from the stutter.

They don’t need a fancy tripod, balancing their camera on a stack of books works just as well.


Whilst their Lego collection may be stunning, encourage them to take photos of different subjects; places, people, buildings and ‘stuff’.

Snap Away!

In the digital age, where the costs of film developing aren’t a worry, encourage your child to take lots of photos.

The more they take, the more likely they are to find interesting perspectives and improve their photography.

View Their Photos on a big screen

One thing my children love is seeing the photos they took on the laptop.

Sometimes they will pick up on something themselves they really like or dislike. Tell them what you really like about their photos, a little praise and encouragement go a long way.

Print them!

Everybody likes to see their work in print, our children are no different.

Start a scrapbook of their photos, it would be wonderful to look at over the years as more photos are added.

Set them a challenge!

Sometimes the boys want to take photos but they aren’t sure of what!

We decided to set themes for those days when they want to snap but don’t know what! Rather like a blog prompt!

Some of the challenges we came up with were

Favourite… book, toy, outfit… anything they love.

Colours… choose a colour, they have to photograph only things of that colour

Shapes… when out and about ask them to snap different shapes they see {amazing how they see the world around them}

Number & words… you could either give them a list of words or numbers to find and photograph, like a word hunt, or let them choose their own

Shadows…buildings…flowers…animals…things beginning with a, b, c…

There are so many ideas you can offer when they feel a bit stumped. One thing I’ve loved about themes is how they interpret them, they really do see the world differently from us.


  1. Oh it's so lovely that your children are already showing an interest in photography. We were planning on getting LP a 'child's camera' next Christmas but it may be better to let her use our old point and shoot or even buy her a cheap one which would probably even be cheaper than the kid's version!

  2. Oh I love this! Ava is currently walking around with an old memory stick that she frequently whips out of her pocket and 'takes a photo" with! Lovely ideas!!

  3. I am a photo nut and pore over every family photo, even if its not my own. So I loved this post and am so glad you are encouraging your children to have a love of photography. Kudos to you and lovely post.

  4. Curly Girl loves to see the photos that I take of her and her brother for the blog - when's a good time to get her started with her own photos I wonder? Lovely post that has got me thinking about her next birthday present!

  5. My 9 year old has been showing an interest in taking her own pictures for awhile and now her 7 year old brother is starting to do the same. Once they are old enough that I trust they can take care of the camera properly I let them start using it. Last year when my daughter started showing an interest in photography I let her take pictures of our cat and kittens and she used her pictures to write a post about the cats on my blog. She was so excited to see her photos on my blog :) Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Oh how lovely, I will have to check out the post.
      The first camera we got them ended up a the bottom of the pool, there were tears, mostly mine!

  6. I love this so much! My oldest daughter has been interested in photography since she was four-years-old. We have supported her pursuits and even started her own photography blog:


    She loves it.

    I like the idea of having photo challenges. Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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