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After the last few weeks of flowers blooming and plants…doing whatever plants do, it’s all a bit…samey.

So I thought I’d head out to our local woodland park and see how that was growing.

I’m so glad I went, it was a welcomed retreat from everything.

If I could play you the sounds of the birds singing, animals rustling in the fallen leaves and the gentle gusts of wind as they blew through the trees, I would. It was heavenly to just step away from everything, even knowing I was still in town, it felt like I was miles away.

Blissfully peaceful.

a beautiful day in the park

The lake / pond or big puddle is home to a variety of plants and wildlife, all doing their ‘whoop whoop Winter is over’ happy dance.

The blossom trees looked gorgeous, but I was distracted from their blooming beauty by this….

agressive swan

The most aggressive swan EVER!

Seriously, the white feathered bird of doom was possessed!

It was chasing some poor Canadian goose around, squeaking and squalling at it whilst trying to tear out its tail feathers. I wasn’t sure if I should call the RSPB and let them know there was a narky swan being all PMT aggressive!

Anyway, after leaving the birds to fight it out I went and continued my walk.

There were signs of Spring everywhere.

purples, white and yellows

The fairies were making their new homes.

fairy tree door

Roots growing the wrong way.

roots on a tree

Sidney the squirrel trying to find his nuts *snigger*.

sid the squiral

You could see where the recent rain hasn’t been able to drain away. Made for some lovely reflections, just hope it doesn’t damage any tree roots beyond repair.

reflections of trees

The daffodils were continuing their silent yet persistent attempt at world domination.

a little bit yellow

Red berries clung on, whilst looking berrilicious!

berry red

Is it a babbling brook or a streaming stream?! Either way, it looked rather lovely winding its way around the park.


The beauty and stillness of the park quietly screamed “Come sit a while”.

lets sit a while

The cherry blossoms hung in glorious displays of pinks and white.

blossom trees

blooming blossoms

Whilst the buds showed that Spring is definitely here and there will more change to come.


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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

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  1. oh lovely blossom and wow that is some planting of daffs there so pretty #HDYGG

  2. Simply lovely and the swan looks a sweetheart! #hdygg

  3. I love the picture of the daffodils! x

  4. What a wonderful place. Swans have always given me the wobbles - scary things!

  5. Such beautiful photos. The start of spring is such a happy time. Love your photo of the squirrel. Swans just scare me!

  6. What a lovely park - swans can be really aggressive in Spring, protecting nests so are best admired form a safe distance. Some-one should have told the goose that!

  7. Lovely images - those tree roots are quite something! x

  8. What wonderful photos and such a great park x

  9. Absolutely beautiful :) I really do love this time of year as things start to 'come alive' again. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  10. Beautiful pictures - Alice @ Mums Make Lists #PoCoLo

  11. What a lovely park to have nearby! I just adore woodland! It's so magical and peaceful! Hooray for Spring!! Xx

  12. Looks a gorgeous park :) We steer clear of swans and geese since Stella got chased from walkies with a bite to her bum! She thinks they're all evil! #pocolo

  13. What a wonderful park - I've had a lovely evening going through the HDYGG posts and realising that no matter where we are in the country, spring is definitely springing and it's doing us all the world of good

  14. Blossom-Tastic! I love it - I haven't seen any here and am desperate to see some! Swans and geese freak me out - I always get drawn into the 'look how cute take a photo of it' only to have it turn into a 'RUN SAVE YOURSELVES!' moment.

    Beautiful photos. Sorry about the delay in commenting, I’m back from my trip now and loving reading through all the posts. And as usual – thanks for joining in x

  15. I love the Daffodils that are taking over the world! And the reflections really are gorgeous!

  16. Lovely pics!

    I have a possessed swan near me too! We live next to a forest and the evil little bugger lives in a lake there. He's equally evil to all the other ducks that come to munch on the bread we bring them.


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