How Does Your Garden Grow

This week we’ve seen a little more colour and some budding buds pop up around the garden.

bright red

purples pinks


The usual Spring suspects; daffodils, snow drops and those blue doodahs, amongst others are standing tall and proud.

spring flowers

blue things

I managed a little planting, fingers crossed fat cat next door doesn’t sit on them! Some pots may have got a little smashed!

planting out and broken pots

It’s been so lovely to be outside doing something in the garden, I may not know exactly what I’m doing, but I sure am enjoying doing it!

Hop over to mammasaurus where you can peek at the gardens of those who have more of an idea as to what they are doing!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow? 


  1. I'm exactly the same… I have no idea if what I'm doing is right, but I am loving a bit of gardening this spring! x

  2. Haha, I think trial and error is the way forward! I learn't from HDYGG today that those blue doodahs are called Grape Hyacinth :) Loving all the flower photos, so pretty!

  3. what beautiful flowers and colors you have going on. great shots too. happy spring!

  4. So lovely to see flowers blooming now, with so many bright colours coming through. Lovely photos x

  5. You sound like me, not quite sure what I'm doing out there but loving tit all the same! Such lovely Spring colours - thank you for joining in again and sharing!


  6. I love the colour and frame of that purple flower, and of the perfectly formed roots! Happy Gardening!

  7. Wow! You have some beautiful flowers in your garden! x #HDYGG

  8. I have four cats of my own so have to come up with ever more inventive ideas to protect my plants from them. And and ducks - I have ducks too!

  9. I cant wait for spring! Your pictures makes me want spring to come faster!

  10. I've been out in the garden today - no pretty flowers yet....

  11. you have teh same blue flowers i do what are they called im scratching my head trying to remember. i do love your lead picture what a stunning colour

  12. Oh, how beautiful! I can't wait for spring to come with all the lovely flowers. Beautiful post.


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