How Does Your Garden Grow

Do you ever give much thought to the gardens you pass every single day?

We walk the same route to school most days, once in a while I will change it up, keeps it exciting!

I cover about 50 miles a week on foot just on the school runs, that is a lot of garden viewing time.

Some have been paved over to within an inch of their border with not a blade of grass nor stray weed to be found, others are dumps for all kinds of garbage, some have evidence of well meant intentions left to flounder, there are many where the gardeners have done their best and keep their gardens just lovely and there are some…which are just beautiful.

If I could sneak in under the archways of roses, flump down on the green green grass and just sit amongst the glorious flowers of every shade and hue imaginable, I would.

But I’d probably get kicked out for trespassing so I settled for some sneaky pics instead!

daisys in the grass

white flowers and buds

tiny white petals

fenced in

snowdrops on the pavement

These flowers growing between the cracks in the pavement and a wall seem very urban.

daisys in a crack on the pavement

bright white petals

white blossoms


I do love it when the daisy's and buttercups are left to take over.

bright pink little flowers

beautiful white blossom

white blossom against the blue sky

Hop over to Mammasaurus to see some lovely Spring gardens

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Oh i lov a buttercup or two too. How lovely

  2. our front verge is covered with daisies… I love seeing them! those tiny white flowers are beautiful x

  3. Yeah baby! I l-o-v-e blossom and Spring time. I know what you mean about wanting to wander in and sit down amongst it all - makes me daydream. Obviously I'll get nothing down but daydreaming is fun ;)

    Beautiful photos my dear - thank you for joining in and sharing x

  4. I've just been thinking the same thing-how I'd love to sneak in to some of the gorgeous gardens I pass each day on the school run. Sone of the plants are simply beautiful. I'm going to have to take my camera on one of these walks. I too cover a lot of miles-zeros you fit doesn't it?!

  5. There is this house that I pass by when I am doing a school run and their flowers and plants are so awesome but I cant take photos. I just took one of their plants that peeking out to the sidewalk =P


  6. Beautiful photos, it's amazing what we pass on a daily basis. I love the people with perfect lawns.

  7. Loving the buttercups, I often see lots of daisies, but not buttercups in grass. Yay spring is here! The Ana Mum Diary

  8. You certainly have a treat walking to and from school, with all that blossom. It's great to have a good old noisy at other peoples hard work :-) #hdygg

  9. How beautiful, what an enjoyable walk you must have every day

  10. Don't they say that summer is here when you can step of 5 daisies at once! Looks like we are in for an early summer then!


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