How to Burn Calories and Eat Like A Queen...When Baking Goes Bad!

I have many talents, sadly the past few weeks have proven that baking really isn’t one of them!

You want the kitchen tiled, a dishwasher broken, a tumble dryer fixed, bunting sewn up or the steps to the funky chicken dance…I’m your gal!

Anything baking and you probably want to move along.

I thought I’d score some super duper mama points and set to making some waffles {which I have actually made before to PERFECTION} yet somehow managed to botch up in a ridiculous manner.

I mixed up a batch of waffle mix and two waffle makers and a donut maker later I had these.

mini donuts

But to get to these I burnt a lot of stuff, set fire to a tea towel {again}, had to make another batch of mixture and made non stick appliances…stick.


burning donuts.j[g

Yesterday I figured enough time had passed to attempt some more sweet treat making and I set about making some Melting Vanilla Moments from a Rachel Allen recipe book.

I’d made these yummy delights before so it really shouldn’t have been that difficult, yet I somehow managed to make it a complete disaster.

I learnt the hard way there is a big difference between an electric mixer and an electric hand whisk, one keeps the flour, icing sugar and corn flour contained whilst it whizzes……the other…….doesn’t.

My kitchen and me looked as though we had front row tickets to see Dumbo sneeze in a bag of coke, it was ridiculous.

I then misread the ingredients and used 100g of butter less than I was meant to, I kinda thought the mixture was bread crumby but didn’t think too much off it, I just smooshed the stuff in to extra tight biscuit shaped blobs and whacked the whole lot in the oven.

A teeny tiny few minutes later I realised what I had done, yanked the tray of blobs out the oven, resmooshed it all into one big blob, added the extra 100g butter and…..mashed it all up.

Not my greatest idea I’ll admit.

It turned in to a gloopy, sticky, stretchy wall paper glue type thing.

After much swearing and flinging around of hands in an attempt to remove the stuff from my hands I bunged a baking tray full of sticky blobs back in the oven.

After a while I decided they’d been basking in the oven long enough so I pulled the tray out.

What I had created was nothing more than a baking tray full of buttery flour, it was dry and crumbly and so disgustingly gross I couldn’t even allow the birds to eat them.

It was BAD.

But, on the plus side, I saved some calories, hurrah for silver linings!


  1. Hilarious so glad you wrote about this culinary disasters are great to read (sorry!!) the donuts turned out ok though !x

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I was starting to think that every blogger and every mother that ever lived was a Mary Berry clone. It's great to know that we all have things we aren't that good at or that disasters do happen every so often! x


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