How To Make A Fabric Confetti Garland

Can a house ever really have too many garlands?

No of course not!

I’ve already got several garlands of all different shapes and sizes strung around the house, but when I saw the sorry state of my fabric ball garland I knew it had to come down.

Being a bit of a make do and mend kinda gal I was loath to throw it out, besides, it took me bloody ages to cut all those circles out!

So having washed and dried the fabric ball garland I had a think about what to use the circles for….

Fabric Confetti garland

How to make a fabric confetti garland hung on kitchen wall

Step 1. You need oodles of fabric circles.

How to make a fabric confetti garland

I used ones from my fabric ball garland which I deconstructed, or if starting from scratch, just cut out a whole bunch of circles.

fabric ball garland

When originally cutting them out I used a cotton reel to draw around, then layered up about 5 pieces of fabric and cut them in bulk.

Step 2. Pair up the fabric circles like little round sandwiches, wrong sides facing.

How to make a fabric confetti garland rows

Step 3. Using your sewing machine, sew through the centre of a paired up sandwich of fabric, adding another pair when you reach the edge of the fabric.

How to make a fabric confetti garland sewn up

Keep going until you have a garland.

Step 4. Hang up the garland. I used these rather cute heart shaped pegs attached to the wall with Command Strips.

heart pegs

decorated kitchen wall

Loving how it looks above my rather eclectic collection of odds and sods on the kitchen wall.


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  1. Oh they look really sweet - such a pretty kitchen wall!

  2. Oh I love your blog! I love these posts! I don't think I'll ever be crafty enough to do these sorts of things but I love that you do them :) x

  3. These look fab. Great tutorial x

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful project on The Inspiration Board at homework. You were featured in the spotlight!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    carolyn ~ homework


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