How To Make Rainbow Raindrop Garlands

One bedroom + 2 kiddos = completely different ideas on decor!

For identical twins they sure do have differing opinions when it comes to themes or whatever when decorating.

After much umming and ahhhing they both decided on a colourful room, with no specific theme, just lots of colour.

Easy peasy!

They wanted ‘rainbows’ but having misplaced my unicorn I’m all out of rainbows and had to settle on a rainbow garland.

DIY Rainbow Raindrop Garland

how to make rainbow raindrops

Step 1. Gather your rainbow coloured papers or cardstock, and make a few raindrop shaped templates from card.

how to make rainbow raindrops supplies

Step 2. Use the templates to draw several raindrops on each sheet of paper {double or triple up the papers to save time}. Cut them out.

how to make rainbow raindrops collection of raindrops

Step 3. Stack each ‘rainbow’ {one of each colour raindrop} in a wee pile. Using a needle threaded with cotton, pierce the pointy end of the raindrop.

how to make rainbow raindrops piercing raindrops with needle and thread 

Step 4. Pull the raindrops down to the knot in the cotton. Use a piece of tape to secure the cotton to the back of the 1st raindrop, in the pic above it would be the red raindrop. Spread out the remaining raindrops along the length of the cotton, use tape to secure the cotton to the reverse of each raindrop until each piece of cotton and and entire rainbow of raindrops.

How to make rainbow raindrops adhered to cottonjpg

Step 5. Hang up the garland! I went with vertical drops for each one, using tape to hang them around the tree painted on their bedroom wall.

How to make paper rainbow raindrops

How to make rainbow raindrops

The kids had a lot of fun getting involved in this, although we had a bit of a hoohaa over the rainbow song, we all know different versions and couldn’t settle on an order of colours!

Adds a lovely pop of colour to their room, which is much appreciated with all the gloomy rain we’ve had lately.

pink banner

Don’t forget, your scrap pieces of paper can be turned in to pretty confetti!

How to make your own confetti butterfly confetti


  1. Your posts, especially the crafty ones, as so bright, colourful and lovely! It's really nice having a read, happy posts! x

  2. Cute. I really like this idea. Cute for St. Patrick's Day or a party also!


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