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It’s fair to say I’m a little confused.

This week I’ve seen the arguments for and against gender focused toys and whether or not women who don’t wear make up are somehow lacking. What exactly they are supposed to be lacking I’m not too clear on.

And I can’t help but feel we’re sending mixed messages to our children.

On one hand, we want to discourage girls from thinking their only choice in toys are Princesses, dolls and pretend kitchens. We want our boys to embrace toys other than cars and trains which come in uniform blue.

We want them to grow up knowing they can be anything they want, so long as they work hard.

A nurse, an engineer, pilot or chef; it doesn’t matter whether you’re born to pee standing up or sitting down; the world is yours for the taking.

Yet some are prepared to say that women who go out in public without a face made up with makeup are somehow lacking in living up to what society expects from women.

There was a survey last year which claimed 49% of employers admitted they would discriminate against a woman for not wearing makeup.

Umm say what now?!

I must admit, I never knew intelligence and performance were linked to wearing makeup!

I can’t get my head around how as a whole, we want our children to grow up unencumbered by gender specific ideals, yet once they hit adulthood BAM slap on that make and make yourself pretty young lady!

What kind of message does this send out to our children?

That girls can indeed play with cars, become crazy obsessed with Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine but heaven forbid they dare leave the house for their first ever job interview without wearing a face full of makeup?!

We’re educating boys to believe that girls can do anything that boys do, except when not living up to society’s ridiculous notion that women should be wearing makeup.

It’s no wonder that children still assume that Spiderman is for boys and Barbie is for girls!

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If a woman wants to wear makeup, awesome, but it should be because she wants too, not because it’s expected of her.

Same with guys, if a bloke wants to rock the eye liner, good for him, just don’t forget to take it off before bed.


  1. I am shocked at that percentage!! How dare society decide when I should and shouldn't wear make up! I do like to slap on a bit of lippy, but not everyday. The same applied when I was working, I did not feel like it was vital that I wore it x

  2. Those kinds of contradictions really do my head in. I like to think that society is changing and slowly becoming more open-minded, but this only extends as far as children--adults are often still subject to gender-based prejudices like the makeup wearing that you wrote about. It's not just employers either; women seem to judge each other according to choice of dress and whether or not they wear makeup, when they really should support each other in their choices. Makeup or no makeup, bodycon or baggy shirts, it's actually nobody's business and nobody has the right to judge. In the workplace, I think employees should look presentable but it's ridiculous that employers are put off when female applicants don't wear makeup.
    Also I think entertainment media as a whole can be held accountable for the perceptions children gain of gender roles: the heroes and heroines nearly always fit a particular standard and have particular interests, ditto the bad guys. Of course we have stuff like Shrek which blessedly breaks some of those stereotypes, but it's still pretty rare. Oddly enough it seems in cartoons, it's the 'wicked' women who wear makeup, and the 'good' ones who are fresh-faced and natural! So many mixed messages.
    Sorry, seem to have ranted on your rant!

  3. Great post. I'm having a bit of a moral dilemma at the moment. I don't wear much make up, and I don't wear it often at all - I like to have mascara on if I leave the house but on a day to day basis at home I just don't bother. LP loves to watch me get ready and she sees me, on occasion putting make up on. I don't want her to grow up thinking that you can't leave the house without make up on or that Mummy thinks she looks better with make up and there are times when Mummy 'likes to make an effort' and this needs her to wear make up.
    I shouldn't be worried. I don't wear enough make up for it to ever really rub off on LP but it still bothers me that she may start thinking that you need make up as a girl/woman and she is beautiful just the way she is - I want her to hold on to that as long as possible! x

  4. I have to admit that while the statistic sounds surprising I find it hard to see this playing out in day to day life. I have never worn make-up. OK, I probably played with my mum's as a kid at some point but in my entire professional/growing up life I have never bought any, borrowed any, used any. At no point have I ever felt that I have been discriminated against because of those or that my job has been affected by it.

    I know this is like someone saying "I've never been bullied so it doesn't exist", "I've never been sexually harassed so it doesn't happen" etc but meh.. I am going to call bad data on the survey and say it doesn't represent reality. *carrying on in cloud cuckoo land :)*


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