Review ~ Reading Eggs

A little while ago I was approached by Reading Eggs, “a unique online world where children learn to read. It supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate.”

reading eggs

In a market which is saturated with similar sites, Readings Eggs really does stand out as an exceptional tool to support your child as they develop their reading skills.

We were offered an extended free trial to try out Reading Eggs, which the children have really enjoyed.

Using Reading Eggs we were able to set up individual profiles for Ahren and Ethan, enabling them to work at their own pace with lessons tailored to their reading level.

As parents we were keen to see their progress, which was easy to do with the Dashboard information.

ahrens progress on reading eggs

‘Sam’ is a main character who takes the children through the lessons on each letter sound, his positive reinforcements really encouraged the kids to partake in each activity.

 reading eggs screen shot 3

The graphics are well designed, easy on the eye and suitable to youngsters to understand. The boys used Reading Eggs on a variety of devices, laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad and a PS3 hooked up to a TV, there was no loss in quality on either of these devices.

reading eggs screen shot 1

reading eggs screen shot 4

There are various ways throughout Reading Eggs for children to test themselves on what they have learnt, these are made all the more fun with Rewards and printable certificates.

reading eggs screen shot 2

There are also free activity sheets to accompany each lesson, these enable the children to practice and reinforce what they have studied in their lessons.

reading eggs lesson activity sheets

Ahren and Ethan really enjoyed using Reading Eggs, it made learning fun which has had a positive impact on their reading and writing away from Reading Eggs.

reading books following reading eggs

practising what they have learnt from reading eggs

It was lovely to see just how much they actually know, it’s not always easy from a brief line in their Reading Record books to gage just how much they have taken in whilst at school. Having their progress displayed clearly, and watching them ‘travel’ through each map of lessons enabled me to see where they were doing well and areas where they might need a little more support.

As a parent, wanting to help my children with their reading, I found Reading Eggs to be an amazing tool to enhance and develop what they learn at school and home. The subscription fees are very reasonable for all the content you receive, and the book packs look like a wonderful accompaniment to the lessons {we haven’t used them, but they are certainly on my to buy list}

I think I’ll let Ahren have the final word..

Ahren ~ “I love Reading Eggs, it’s my favourite game to play”

{Reading Eggs have kindly offered readers of my blog an extended free trial of Reading Eggs, 4 weeks instead of the usual 2! Simply use the code UKB27RETto start your free trial.}