The Calm After The Storm

This past weekend was the first one in a while where we were able to head down the beach and enjoy the warmer, drier days we’ve been treated to.

The last few times we had ventured down it was rather wet, miserable and incredibly windy.

But with blue skies, temperatures sneaking in to double figures and a low tide we decided to head round to Holly Well, where you can clamber over big rocks and begin the climb up Beachy Head if you time it right.

calm after the storm blue sky and fluffy clouds

calm after the storm sandy beach

calm after the storm tangled rope

The boys were eager to run off some energy, being adorable as they ran up and down the stones.

calm after the storm beautiful bromance

calm after the storm eastbourne pier

calm after the storm errosion

calm after the storm pier decoration

calm after the storm tangled ropes

It was amazing to see the damage caused by the recent battering the beaches have taken. Whilst we have gotten away incredibly lightly compared to some coastal towns, the costs to repair the washed away stretches of beaches will be immense. It was rather sad to see just how much had gone, large drops where the waves had literately washed away huge chucks of beach.

We eventually pootled round to Holly Well, where we saw this.

washed up tree

A rather magnificent chunk of tree washed up on the beach.

The boys were soon off and exploring.

Climbing rocks.

climbing rocks

Discovering rock pools, mostly with their feet!

clambering between rock pools

Walking among old sea defences.



We followed tiny streams of clear, sparkly water down to the sea.

The boys were amazed how removing and adding rocks would disrupt the flow of water.

water running over rocks

water sparkling on rocks

Boy following streams

sun sparkling in water


We loved this ‘rock pool’ which looked like a small boat made of rocks!

a boat of rock

We had to call an end to the day early, Ethan developed and ear ache and was not a happy boy.

After getting home it was time to see what driftwood goodies we had gathered.

drift wood

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What a fantastic, fun, learning experience xx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Great photos =] ktbtw x

  3. Such an amazing place for your boys to grow up x

  4. What great beach adventure, fun and exploration on such an interesting beach! It seems the recent storms have left behind lots of fascinating things to discover and the boys obviously had a fun time collecting some treasure to take home! Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  5. Fab pictures!

  6. Goodness what a great place to envious. Love how you have photographed the ropes. That is a great treasure you have brought home! #countrykids


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