The Passing Of Time

There are days which seem to drag.

Each passing second a loud dull tick followed by a tock, the little hands going round impossibly slowly….

Hours spent watching the sun pass across the sky until it starts to settle and the day is finally coming to a close.

Other days are gone in the blink of an eye, before you’ve had time to commit all the excitement to memory the moments have passed, the details become hazy as slumber wraps around you and tugs you under.

It’s in viewing my days like this that I’ve missed an awful lot of the precious moments which, to sound like a cliché, were in actual fact the best moments.

my beautiful boys

In the space of 5 short years my children have achieved so many amazing things, wonderful things.

They’ve been born and survived, it was never a sure thing.

They both cheated death, Ethan more than once.

Learnt independence from mama and papa, whilst recognising we are always there when needed.

Began to master a whole new, to them, language whilst adding their own twist

Pulled themselves up and taken their first steps which have now progressed to running, jumping and dancing.

They’ve developed a healthy fearlessness of the world they explore, seeing adventure all around.

Made friends with the young and old.

Had adventures which ventured no further than their bedroom yet encompassed a world far beyond our imaginations.

They dream and live with fearless abandon, of which I’m truly envious.

best buds

They are, in a word, amazing.

They are mine, and whilst I can’t get my head around them being almost 5 years old already, I’m so incredibly proud to call them my sons.

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  1. It's so lovely that they have each other...twins have such a special bond.

  2. Such lovely boys. They look so happy together.

  3. Beautiful post and what wonderful boys :) You are so right about the days being gone in the blink of an eye! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Aww! Lovely photos!
    Wonderful post!! x

  5. It looks like a total Bromance. Siblings are the best hey! Happy Birthday boys. X

  6. lovely post! such strong boys! Haooy birthday to your boys and Happy Mums day to you =) #pocolo


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