The Simple Things ~ A Trip To The Park

Is there anything better than a trip to the park?

A swing on the swings, climbing higher and higher until you think you may just swoop over the top and make a complete circle.

shadows and swings

Spinning on the roundabout until your legs turn to jelly and your walk has gone all wobbly.

going for a spin

{yep, for some reason, known only to them, they took off their shoes and socks}

A moment to just sit and….ponder….one scoop of ice cream or two?!

waiting for a push

The crazy indecisive angst of having a few minutes left to play and not knowing what to play on!!

play park

Now, fingers crossed, the weather is turning a little warmer I expect there to be a few more trips to the park after school. It’s certainly a lovely way to pass an hour or so and almost certainly guarantees the children sleep well!

When the week is full of school and chores and the weekends spent avoiding rain, catching up with family and homework; it can often be difficult to get out and about.

Thankfully there is a park close to their school which allows for some extra playtime and fresh air for the kiddos.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks like a fun after school adventure at the park.. It looks like we may be getting a little heatwave which is very welcome after all the rain of late.

  2. It looks a good park and nice that it is so handy. I know exactly what you mean about everything else getting in the way of outdoors time. Let's hope the weather makes it easier for us this weekend. #CountryKids

  3. Beautiful photos of an outing to a park. What is it about kids and shoes and socks?

  4. A little playground time after school is so good for them. I think boys especially can struggle to sit all day at school and this is just the release they need. I love the no shoes and socks, atleast they won't scuff their shoes that way! I hope yu have many after school days like this over the summer. Thanks for joining me for Country Kids

  5. Looks like they had great fun! So cool the evenings are getting lighter so that trips like these can be done! :) #CountryKids

  6. Gorgeous photos, especially the shadow one. My three take their shoes and socks off at any given opportunity too! It's great that you have a park so close, to take advantage of the sunshine x #CountryKids

  7. Oh your boys do look like such good chums, really lovely to see :) we have some parks on the way home and I can't wait to start stopping at them on the way home after school xx

  8. I love how they have bare feet - That is truly the sign that summer is round the corner. Simple things! x

  9. Yay - bare feet in the park at last :)

  10. I love a trip to the park, especially now that much of the new equipment is big enough for grown-ups to play on! There's something about kids taking shoes and socks of... Maybe it makes them fee more grounded? So nice that the weather is getting warm enough to make it ok!

  11. Such a great sense of freedom as they have taken their shoes and socks off. It's a great space to have to release some energy before home time...the lighter nights certainly make that a bit easier.


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